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compared with the JIT compiler produced tables in an effort to determine what code the thread is executing. If the thread s instruction pointer is at an offset identified by a table, the thread is said to have reached a safe point. A safe point is a place where it s OK to suspend the thread until a garbage collection completes. If the thread s instruction pointer isn t at an offset identified by an internal method table, then the thread isn t at a safe point and the CLR can t perform a garbage collection. In this case, the CLR hijacks the thread: the CLR modifies the thread s stack so that the return address points to a special function implemented inside the CLR. The thread is then resumed. When the currently executing method returns, this special function will execute, suspending the thread. However, the thread might not return from its method for quite some time. So after the thread resumes execution, the CLR waits about 250 milliseconds for the thread to be hijacked. After this time, the CLR suspends the thread again and checks its instruction pointer. If the thread has reached a safe point, the garbage collection can start. If the thread still hasn t reached a safe point, the CLR checks to see whether another method has been called; if one has, the CLR modifies the stack again so that the thread is hijacked when it returns from the most recently executing method. Then the CLR resumes the thread and waits another few milliseconds before trying again. When all the threads have reached a safe point or have been hijacked, the garbage collection can begin. When the garbage collection is completed, all threads are resumed and the application continues running. The hijacked threads return to the method that originally called them. Note This algorithm has one small twist. If the CLR suspends a thread and detects that the thread is executing unmanaged code, the thread s return address is hijacked and the thread is allowed to resume execution. However, in this case, the garbage collection is allowed to start even though the thread is still executing. This isn t a problem because unmanaged code isn t accessing objects on the managed heap unless the objects are pinned. A pinned object is one that the garbage collector isn t allowed to move in memory. If a thread currently executing unmanaged code returns to managed code, the thread is hijacked and is suspended until the garbage collection has completed.
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Appendix C
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public WebForm1() { Page.Init += new System.EventHandler(Page_Init); }
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Tune Indexes and Queries
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The Eval method is great for one-way (or read-only) data binding. However, it does not support read-write data binding and thus cannot be used for insert and edit scenarios. The Bind method of the DataBinder class, however, can be used for two-way data binding. This makes Bind preferable when you need to edit or insert records. Just like the Eval method, the Bind method has two overloads: one without a format and one with the format parameter. The code for the Bind method looks the same as that for the Eval method. However, the Bind method does not work with all bound controls. It only works with controls that support read, insert, update, and delete scenarios, such as GridView, DetailsView, and FormView.
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5. Load index.php in your browser, click on a product to view its product details page, and admire the results (refer to Figure 16-1 at the beginning of this chapter). You must be logged in to add new reviews.
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This call is required by the Web Form Designer. <System.Diagnostics.DebuggerStepThrough()> _ Private Sub InitializeComponent()
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To provide access to the web page, create a link to the HTML file. You can add links to a Links list, or place links anywhere on a SharePoint web part page using the Content Editor Web Part.
FIGURE 9-9 Adding a new user account
5.6 General Functions
public interface IComparable { Int32 CompareTo(Object other); }
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