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Working with XML Nodes
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If you read the sentence Select the command Chart Tools/Layout/Axes/Primary Horizontal Axis (from 1, Basic Information Basic Techniques ), I assume you know that this is a command that you can access via the Chart Tools/Layout tab in the Ribbon which is only available if you activated a chart . The phrase Set the custom number format #," k";; for the axis presumes that you know the corresponding basic information from Number Formatting in Charts, in 6, What, For Whom, How and With What You therefore know how to open the formatting dialog box for a chart axis and how you move there in an already open dialog box, that you then select the Number command in this dialog box, click Custom for the Category, enter the known code in the Format Code field, and subsequently click Add . In this context, I also assume that you are familiar with custom number formats which were described in 6 .
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There s a lot of good information about ASP.NET MVC concepts on http://
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FiguRe 3-2 Execution plan showing a table scan (unordered clustered index scan)
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Illustrates custom HTTP handlers, both as separate assemblies and as ASHX files Illustrates how ASP .NET Dynamic works to create data-driven sites Illustrates how to use loose XAML in a site Illustrates how to create an XAML-based Browser Application (XBAP) Illustrates how to create and manage an MVC-based site, complete with a database Illustrates using AJAX to improve the end user experience Illustrates how to include Silverlight content in an ASP .NET site Shows how Silverlight layout panels work Illustrates using animations in Silverlight Shows how a Silverlight component can communicate to a Web site via WCF Illustrates how to create and consume an ASP .NET WCF service Illustrates the new ASP .NET Packaging system, which facilitates deployment
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canRead() canWrite() compareTo() createNewFile() createTempFile() delete() deleteOnExit() exists() getAbsolutePath() getAbsoluteName() getCanonicalPath() getCanonicalName() getName() getParent() isAbsolute()
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<Button Content="Register" Padding="5" Margin="5" FontSize="12" Grid.Column="1" Grid.Row="3" Click="Button_Click" /> <TextBlock Text="" FontSize="14" FontWeight="Bold" Grid.Column="1" Grid.Row="4" Margin="5" x:Name="Result" /> </Grid> code 128 checksum
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< xml version="1.0" encoding="utf 8" > <configuration> <runtime> <assemblyBinding xmlns="urn:schemas microsoft com:asm.v1"> <probing privatePath="AuxFiles" /> </assemblyBinding> </runtime> </configuration>
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Next, run the query in Listing 7-11, which uses OR logic, and examine the plan shown in Figure 712.
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The columns headers in cell N11 and M11 were changed . The texts from and to have been replaced with Target min and Target max . The formulas designed earlier for the controls need to be slightly modified because ActiveX controls are used in this variant . More about that later .
One of the places in which virtually all C++ programmers create trouble for themselves is in the use of memory management and pointers. For example, although most modern C++ compilers issue warnings about using uninitialized pointers, the warnings can be ignored. Just as important, when a pointer is initialized and the object or block of memory it points to is freed, nothing prevents the program from using the pointer again, since it s likely not pointing to NULL, but instead to the memory that has just been freed. This situation can make for some errors that are terribly difficult to debug. In some cases, the errors will appear only in certain circumstances, and even completely disappear when debugging code is in place a C++ programmer s worst nightmare. C# has the answer. In C#, rather than having to explicitly free objects that have been created, the garbage collector keeps track of the references to managed objects. When there are no longer any references to an object, the object can be deleted. This approach is much cleaner than, for instance, the methods used for COM objects, which required programmer intervention to track the count of references. C# doesn t support pointers in safe or managed code. C# does support a reference mechanism when passing parameters to functions, which has the same effect as pointers, but eliminating pointers in safe code decreases the likelihood of incorrectly accessing memory.
FIGURE 13-1 Basic Silverlight button.
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