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The default get is performed by the Get task in the CoreGet target, which does a get of the workspace named by the WorkspaceName property. This workspace is usually created automatically in the CoreInitializeWorkspace target based on the build de nition s workspace. The Get task can be con gured to download only the top-level items in the workspace by setting the RecursiveGet property to false. Alternatively, the GetFileSpec property can be set to a le speci cation to get only a subset of the workspace. You can skip the get phase completely; to do this set the SkipGet property to true. You might want to do this if you are retrieving the source code from somewhere other than Team Foundation Server s version control. Even if the SkipGet property is set to true, the BeforeGet and AfterGet targets will still be invoked making either of these an ideal place to implement your custom get logic. For example, to skip the built-in get from version control and copy the source from a leserver instead you would add the following to TFSBuild.proj:
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Page 53 Coming up with one scenario can be difficult because the task you are going to show can probably be performed in a variety of situations. In this case, you need to consider your primary audience and their needs. A helpful question to ask yourself is, When and how would they use this feature or application in their daily work and then try to capture video of the computer screen in that situation, if possible. Performing the Task After introducing the task and possible scenarios, perform the task at a normal pace. By showing the task at a normal pace, you can give your audience an idea of how long the task will take. Avoid rushing through the video screen capture and clicking through mouse movements too quickly because your users may feel rushed, and they will not be able to follow the steps. Conversely, avoid going through the task at an extremely slow pace because it may frustrate your users. In addition, if they see that this task takes an extraordinary amount of time, they might be intimidated and wary of performing the task themselves. Paraphrasing What You Demonstrated After you show the video screen capture, you might want to quickly review what was shown in the video screen capture. This type of quick review can help your audience understand, in everyday terminology, what was done during the screen capture. When reviewing the video screen capture, it s a good idea to minimize the amount of technical terminology. By phrasing the review in everyday words, you can help your audience better understand what was done. Furthermore, by hearing the explanation in common language, the viewers will then be able to explain the task to others. By paraphrasing, you can quickly summarize the demonstrated task in order to help increase the effectiveness of the video. Reviewing the Video and Practicing the Task After the screen capture video has been played and reviewed, it is often helpful for users to be able to go back to the video screen capture and replay it if they choose. While some viewers will just continue with the presentation, others might choose to replay the video to see the steps again. This is easy to do in Microsoft Producer, because users can pause, play, and replay the presentation as they choose. For example, if you added an entry for the table of contents in your presentation that starts the video screen capture, users can simply click that link and then watch the video again if they choose. Other viewers may find this helpful because they can pause your presentation, open the software application (if they have access to it from their computers), and then perform the same steps just shown in the video. After they are finished, they can then continue to play the presentation in their Web browsers from the point where they last paused the presentation. By providing an easy
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Local Users And Groups
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To create a group for VPN connections
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public void MoveTo(WizardStep step)
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In addition to the documented switches listed above, the command-line Defrag utility includes two useful but undocumented switches.
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Maintaining a Network Infrastructure
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class Manager : Employee { }
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Figure 2-56. The new poll on the front page
Before you continue, we urge you to stop, put down the book, and spend an hour or so experimenting with Qt Designer and this sample application. Try: Adding more widgets to the main window. Adding an empty widget to the main window, and then dropping widgets on it. On the empty widget, set different layouts and see how things are positioned. Using the property inspector or source code completion in the editor, look at the properties different widgets bear. Try changing some of them, either at compile- or run-time.
Tip 10: The Hierarchy in Your Mind
Employee number Year component (4 digits) of BEGINDATE Begin date of the time interval End date of the time interval The number of the department worked for during the interval Monthly salary during the interval Allows for free text style comments
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Customizations
Administrators group can configure how updates are handled on the client computer. They are not allowed to disable Automatic Updates.
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