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A heap is a table that has no clustered index. The structure is called a heap because the data is not organized in any order; rather, it is laid out as a bunch of extents. Figure 4-15 illustrates how our Orders table might look like when organized as a heap.
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Off (requires configuration when enabled)
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<MSBuild Projects="$(_CurrentProjectFullpath)" Properties="Configuration=%(AllConfigurations.Configuration); OutputPath=$(_CurrentOutputPath)%(AllConfigurations.Configuration)\" Targets="Rebuild" ToolsVersion="3.5" /> </Target>
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This branch allows you to create new launch conditions that define conditions that must be met prior to installation. These conditions can be based on search conditions or other criteria (such as the operating system version). A launch condition can provide a useful message to the user if a requirement is missing. It can then automatically retrieve a webpage. By default, Web Setup Projects include conditions for ensuring the presence of the correct version of IIS (later than version 7, for example).
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Your job as a system administrator is to prepare for disasters and practice what to do in those disasters not because you expect the disaster, but because if you do have one, you want to be the hero, not the goat. After all, it isn t often that the system administrator or IT consultant gets to be a hero, so be ready when your time comes. The rst step in developing any SOP is to outline the overall steps you want to accomplish. Keep it general at this point you re looking for the big picture here. Again, you want everyone to be involved in the process. What you re really trying to do is make sure you don t forget any critical steps, and that s much easier when you get the overall plan down rst. There will be plenty of opportunity later to cover the speci c details. After you have a broad, high-level outline for a given procedure, the people you identi ed as the actual resources during the resource assessment phase should start to ll in the blanks of the outline. You don t need every detail at this point, but you should get down to at least a level below the original outline. This will help you identify missing resources that are important to a timely resolution of the problem. Again, don t get too bogged down in the details at this point. You re not actually writing the SOP, just trying to make sure that you ve identi ed all of its pieces. When you feel con dent that the outline is ready, get the larger group back together again. Go over the procedure and smooth out the rough edges, re ning the outline and listening to make sure you haven t missed anything critical. When everyone agrees that the outline is complete, you re ready to add the nal details to it. The people who are responsible for each procedure should now work through all the details of the disaster recovery plan and document the steps thoroughly. They should keep in mind that the people who actually perform the recovery might not be who they expect. It s great to have an SOP for recovering from a failed router, but if the only person who understands the procedure is the IT person, and she s on vacation in Bora Bora that week, your disaster recovery plan has a big hole in it. When you create the documentation, write down everything. What seems obvious to you now, while you re devising the procedure, will not seem at all obvious in six months or a year when you suddenly have to follow it under stress.
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Literal2.Mode = LiteralMode.PassThrough Literal3.Mode = LiteralMode.Transform End Sub Sample of C# Code protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) { Literal1.Text =@"This is an <font size=7>example</font>"+ "<script>alert(""Hi from Literal1"");</script>"; Literal2.Text =@"This is an <font size=7>example</font>"+ "<script>alert(""Hi from Literal2"");</script>"; Literal3.Text =@"This is an <font size=7>example</font>"+ "<script>alert(""Hi from Literal3"");</script>"; Literal1.Mode = LiteralMode.Encode; Literal2.Mode = LiteralMode.PassThrough; Literal3.Mode = LiteralMode.Transform; }
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FigURE 8-21 The file search criterion and related condition.
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using System; public static class Program { public static void Main() { // Get a set of 10 randomly generated bytes Byte[] bytes = new Byte[10];
The CLR also supports jagged arrays, which are arrays of arrays . Zero-based, singledimensional jagged arrays have the same performance as normal vectors . However, accessing the elements of a jagged array means that two or more array accesses must occur . Here are some examples of how to create an array of polygons with each polygon consisting of an array of Point instances:
debug="true"%> <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN"> <HTML> <HEAD> <title></title> <meta name="GENERATOR" content="Microsoft Visual Studio.NET 7.0"> <meta name="CODE_LANGUAGE" content="Visual Basic 7.0"> <meta name="vs_defaultClientScript" content="JavaScript"> <meta name="vs_targetSchema" content=""> </HEAD> <body> <form id="Form1" method="post" runat="server"> <P> <FONT face="Verdana" size="4"> <STRONG>Select Data Example </STRONG></FONT> </P> <P> <table width="600"> <tr bgcolor="#ffff66"> <td> CustomerID </td> <td> Company Name </td> <td>
3 . . Create a chat page by adding a new page to the Web site and calling it GroupChat.aspx . This will hold a text box with messages as they accumulate, and it also gives users a means of adding messages . 4 . . When the messages are coming in, it would be very useful to know who sent which messages . This page forces users to identify themselves first; then, they can start adding messages . First, type in the text Group .Chatting . . . after the ScriptManager . Give it a large font style with block display so that it s on its own line . After that, type in the text First, .give .us .your .name: . Then, drag a TextBox control from the Toolbox onto the page . Give the TextBox the ID TextBoxUserID . Drop a Button on the page so that the user can submit his or her name . Give it the text Submit ID and the ID ButtonSubmitID . 5 . . Drop another TextBox onto the page . This one will hold the messages, so make it large (800 pixels wide by 150 pixels high should do the trick) . Set the TextBox s TextMode property to MultiLine, and set the ReadOnly property to True . Give the TextBox the ID TextBoxConversation .
Figure 3-3 shows what the page looks like with tracing turned on .
Next, we ll cover setting up remote access and site-to-site VPN individually,
22 CLR Hosting and AppDomains
Photo Gallery s contents pane can show every picture and video in your collection (click All Pictures And Videos at the top of the Navigation Pane). To display a subset of your collection, use any combination of selections from the Navigation pane, or filter the results using the Search box. You can click any single item in the Navigation pane to see all items in the gallery that match that item. Use Ctrl+click to select multiple discontiguous objects in this pane. The results can be powerful, allowing you to slice and dice your collection using any
Figure 3-4. Two buttons positioned relative to the canvas 8. Go ahead and run the solution to see the end result as it will appear in the browser. The output is shown in Figure 3-5.
could use the culture parameter to help with argument type conversions . For example, the caller could pass a String argument with a value of 1,23 . The binder could examine this string, parse it using the specified culture, and convert the argument s type to a Single (if the culture is de-DE ) or continue to consider the argument to be a String (if the culture is en-US ) . At this point, I ve gone through all InvokeMember s parameters related to binding . The one parameter I haven t discussed yet is target . This parameter is a reference to the object whose member you want to call . If you want to call a type s static member, you should pass null for this parameter . The InvokeMember method is a very powerful method . It allows you to call a method (as I ve been discussing), construct an instance of a type (basically by calling a constructor method), get or set a field, or get or set a property . You tell InvokeMember which of these actions you want to perform by specifying one of the BindingFlags listed in Table 23-6 . For the most part, the flags in Table 23-6 are mutually exclusive you must pick one and only one when calling InvokeMember . However, you can specify both GetField and GetProperty, in which case InvokeMember searches for a matching field first and then for a matching property if it doesn t find a matching field . Likewise, SetField and SetProperty can both be specified and are matched the same way . The binder uses these flags to narrow the set of possible matches . If you specify the BindingFlags.CreateInstance flag, the binder knows that it can select only a constructor method .
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