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Bypass traverse checking
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To the compiler, a namespace is simply an easy way of making a type s name longer and more likely to be unique by preceding the name with some symbols separated by dots . So the compiler interprets the reference to FileStream in this example to mean System.IO.FileStream . Similarly, the compiler interprets the reference to StringBuilder to mean System.Text.StringBuilder . Using the C# using directive is entirely optional; you re always welcome to type out the fully qualified name of a type if you prefer . The C# using directive instructs the compiler to try prepending different prefixes to a type name until a match is found . Important The CLR doesn t know anything about namespaces . When you access a type, the
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You can also view all instantiated workflow processes from the System Jobs link in the Settings area. Any user with the Read privilege on the System Job entity is able to access this area. In this view, an administrator can monitor all asynchronous jobs executed against Microsoft Dynamics CRM. To view only workflow processes, enable filters under the More Actions menu and select Workflow in the System Job Type column, as shown in Figure 14-29.
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TailSpin Tenants website
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<DoubleAnimation Storyboard.TargetName="rect" Storyboard.TargetProperty="(Canvas.Left)" SpeedRatio="2" Duration="0:0:5" />
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Boolean DelegateRefersToMethodOfName( MulticastDelegate d, String methodName) { return(d.Method.Name == methodName); }
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Personalizing Windows Vista
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Here s an example of documenting variable declarations that illustrates the three preceding recommendations:
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Database Object Naming
You cross Customers, Employees, and Nums, filtering the first 31 values of n from the Nums table for the 31 days of the month. In the SELECT list, you calculate the specific target dates by adding n 1 days to the first date of the month, January 1, 2006. The last missing element is the order ID. But you can easily generate it using the ROW_NUMBER function in SQL Server 2005, or the IDENTITY function or property in SQL Server 2000. In practice, you'd probably want to encapsulate this logic in a stored procedure that accepts the date range as input. Instead of using a literal for the number of days in the filter, you will use the following expression: DATEDIFF(day, @fromdate, @todate) + 1
You want to make sure that the components fill all of the space available; therefore, you want to make sure that no guidelines remain to ensure that your layout will display nicely once the dashboard is complete. Use the following layout options to control the size of your components:
17 Diagnostics and Debugging
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