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17: The Debug C Run-Time Library and Memory Management
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[DefaultProperty("Text"), ToolboxData(
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Part IV
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then provide an SBS Version subsection that provides a realistic description of the phase for an SBS network. Obviously, there is no single SBS version the resources and requirements of an SBS network of 50 users are a good deal different from those of 5 users.
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So far, I mainly focused on the performance benefit you get from indexes when reading data. Keep in mind, though, that indexes incur a cost when you modify data. Any change of data (deletes, inserts, updates) must be reflected in the indexes that hold a copy of that data, and it might cause page splits and adjustments in the balanced trees, which can be very expensive. Therefore, you cannot freely create as many indexes as you like, especially in systems that involve intensive modifications like OLTP environments. You want to prioritize and pick the more important indexes. This is especially a problem with covering indexes because different queries can benefit from completely different covering indexes, and you might end up with a very large number of indexes that your queries could benefit from. Fortunately, the problem is somewhat reduced because the optimizer supports a technique called index intersection , where it intersects data obtained from two indexes and, if required, then intersects the result with data obtained from another index, and so on. As an example, the optimizer will use index intersection for the following query, producing the plan shown in Figure 3-45 : SELECT orderid, custid FROM dbo.Orders WHERE shipperid = 'A';
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Validator pValidator = new ObjectValidator(typeof(Product), RuleSetName"); ValidationResults valResults = pValidator.Validate(myProduct);
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Building a Silverlight Game
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SessionState SessionID
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Open the TS RemoteApp Manager if it isn t already open. Click Add RemoteApp Programs in the Actions pane to open the RemoteApp Wizard. Click Next to open the Choose Programs To Add To The RemoteApps Programs List page of the RemoteApp Wizard, as shown in Figure 25-20. Select one or more programs to add to the RemoteApps programs list. You can add any programs you see in the list or use the Browse button to locate the program s executable.
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WebBaseEvent WebManagementEvent WebHeartbeatEvent WebRequestEvent WebApplicationLifetimeEvent WebBaseErrorEvent WebErrorEvent
Figure 4-18. A hierarchical view of a Hibernate mapping
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In the New GPO dialog box, type in a name for the GPO as shown in Figure 20-14 and click OK.
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