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Does the program have a short document such as that described in the Book Paradigm that gives an overall view of how the program is organized Is the purpose of each file described Are the author s name, email address, and phone number in the listing
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12 Working with Data Source Controls and Data-Bound Controls
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Single Tag Sections
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HttpChannel x_channel = new HttpChannel(20172); ChannelServices.RegisterChannel(x_channel); RemotingConfiguration.RegisterActivatedServiceType( typeof(CountServer.Server));
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Update Group Policy
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What do you think would happen if there were no code to explicitly call Dispose or Close Well, at some point, the garbage collector would correctly detect that the objects were garbage and finalize them . But the garbage collector doesn t guarantee the order in which the Finalize methods are called . So if the FileStream object were finalized first, it would close the file . Then when the StreamWriter object was finalized, it would attempt to write data to the closed file, throwing an exception . If, on the other hand, the StreamWriter object were finalized first, the data would be safely written to the file . How was Microsoft to solve this problem Making the garbage collector finalize objects in a specific order would have been impossible because objects could contain references to each other, and there would be no way for the garbage collector to correctly guess the order in
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Practice 1: Access Checklist: Securing Computers Using Security Configura tion Manager in the Windows Server 2003 Help And Support Center. Work through the Preparing to Set Up Security and the Modifying Security Set tings procedures. Pay particular attention to the Microsoft Windows Logo Program for Software, and research this topic on the Microsoft Web site ( Practice 2: Install and configure Windows Update by accessing the Windows Update home page from the Microsoft Web site, and clicking Personalize Windows Update. Select the Display The Link To The Windows Update Cat alog Under See Also check box, and click Save Settings. Ensure that you receive security updates. Practice 3: Install and configure Microsoft Software Update Services (SUS) on a server running a member of the Windows Server 2003 family on your network. Practice 4: Configure Windows Update (SUS client) on a client PC to receive Windows patches and updates from the SUS server.
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version number has nothing to do with the JeffTypes assembly itself . You see, publisher policy assemblies can also be versioned . Today, the publisher might create a publisher policy redirecting version 1 .0 .0 .0 of JeffTypes to version 2 .0 .0 .0 . In the future, the publisher might want to direct version 1 .0 .0 .0 of JeffTypes to version 2 .5 .0 .0 . The CLR uses this version number so that it knows to pick up the latest version of the publisher policy assembly .
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As I mentioned earlier, there is a reason behind disallowing an ORDER BY clause in the view s query . A view is similar to a table in the sense that it represents a logical entity with no predetermined order to its rows unlike a cursor that has order to its records . Try running the following code, which attempts to introduce an ORDER BY clause in the CustsWithOrders view:
Most networks use a naming system so that people can refer to computers by name instead of by address. Name resolution is the process of translating a computer name into an address, and vice versa. Because Windows can use two different naming systems, NetBIOS and DNS, Windows networks support two name resolution systems. NetBIOS is native to older Microsoft networks, and today it is used primarily for compatibility with legacy features and sys tems. DNS is the native naming system of the Internet and all Windows operating sys tems released since Microsoft Windows 2000. To resolve NetBIOS names, Microsoft networks can send broadcast queries to all sys tems on the same network segment or send requests to a WINS server. To resolve DNS (host) names, Microsoft networks rely on the DNS protocol and DNS servers. To function properly, both of these name resolution services must be configured and supported by a knowledgeable network administrator.
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using System.Reflection; // FileDescription version information: [assembly: AssemblyTitle("JeffTypes.dll")] // Comments version information: [assembly: AssemblyDescription("This assembly contains Jeff's types")] // CompanyName version information: [assembly: AssemblyCompany("Wintellect")] // ProductName version information: [assembly: AssemblyProduct("Wintellect (R) Jeff's Type Library")] // LegalCopyright version information: [assembly: AssemblyCopyright("Copyright (c) Wintellect 2010")] // LegalTrademarks version information: [assembly:AssemblyTrademark("JeffTypes is a registered trademark of Wintellect")] // AssemblyVersion version information: [assembly: AssemblyVersion("")]
In the Contents section, select Create new project in workspace , which will create a directory for the project in the Eclipse workspace directory you selected during the installation. As mentioned before, we will be using JDK 1.5; therefore in the JDK Compliance section select Use a project specific compliance and select 5.0 from the pop-up menu. Finally, in the Project layout section, it is a good practice to separate the Java source files from the compiled class files by selecting Create separate source and output folders . Clicking Next will bring up the Java Settings tabbed dialog as shown in Figure 2-6.
Correlate Waits with Queues
mgrid empid qty rownum X X X X Y Y Y Z Z Z Z B G C I H D K J E A F 100 1 100 2 200 3 250 4 150 1 200 2 200 3 100 1 250 2 300 3 300 4
The interface of the Load method is fairly regular. It always returns void, and it supports four reading media, with or without an XML resolver object. The programming interface of the Transform method is much less regular. The overloads that return an XML reader work only on XPath documents or navigators. The overload that manages URLs or files is an exception, perhaps provided for the sake of simplicity. The remaining overloads are grouped by the type of the output media: stream, text, or XML writer. For each of them, you can have a source XML document read from an XPath document or an XPath navigator. Design Considerations The style sheet and the source XML document are two equally important arguments for the XSLT processor. The XslTransform programming interface requires that you indicate them in different steps, however. In doing so, the accent goes on a particular use transforming multiple documents using the same style sheet. Although optimized for a particular scenario, such a design doesn't tax those programmers who use the style sheet for a single transformation. In this case, the only, and very minimal, drawback is that you have to write three lines of code instead of one! Look at the following class. It provides a static method for performing XSLT transformations. It doesn't explicitly provide for style sheet reuse, but it does save you two lines of code! public class QuickXslt { public static bool Transform( string source, string stylesheet, string output) { try { 258
In this practice, you create a website and define an entity model. You then use LINQ to Entities to work with this data on a webpage.
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