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Classic ASP Webpage <html> <head><title>Customer Page</title></head> <body> <form name="Form1" method="post" action="update.asp" id="Form1" > <input type="text" name="CustomerName" id="CustomerName" > <input type="submit" name="SubmitButton" value="Submit" id="SubmitButton" > </form> </body> </html>
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Estimated lesson time: 20 minutes
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This line also produces IL that allocates the instance on the thread s stack and zeroes the fields . The only difference is that C# thinks that the instance is initialized if you use the new operator . The following code will make this point clear:
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One of the major issues facing Web site users is figuring out how to move around sites effectively . Web sites are often hierarchical in nature, and pages are sometimes nested several layers deep . Users can find themselves asking such questions as, Where am I now and Where can I go from here This chapter covers the support that ASP .NET provides for addressing the issue of Web site navigation . The art of Web site design has progressed far enough that some common navigation idioms are beginning to appear ubiquitously . If you browse a few Web sites hosted on various platforms, you might notice that the sites support a number of different ways to navigate their content . For example, many Web sites include a menu bar across the top of the page that contains links to separate areas on the site . Certain sites include some sort of tree structure to navigate the site . Still others include a breadcrumb trail showing users where they are and how to get back to previous pages . ASP .NET supports all these idioms .
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ulSymbolAddress - The symbol address.
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Page 97 Pan When you pan, the video camera moves along a horizontal plane. If you are using a tripod, all you need to do is move the video camera with the handle of the tripod. If you are not using a tripod and hand-holding the video camera, you can follow the action by moving the camera. Panning with a video camera on a tripod will result in better, smoother video because a tripod moves with a smoother motion. Panning the video camera is most effective when your subject is moving. Our eyes do not pan naturally; they tend to jump from one point to another. The jumps are not smooth moves like panning. However, when an object is moving, our eyes move to follow that object or person. If you pan along with a moving object, the movement is more realistic because it duplicates what we do with our eyes. Another shooting technique that is similar to panning is tilting. The only difference is that the video camera moves on a vertical plane rather than a horizontal plane. However, though tilting is an unnatural movement, the same rules apply to tilting as to panning if you do shoot the video by tilting the video camera, move the video camera slowly up and down. Zoom The zoom control on your video camera enables you to make an object appear either closer or farther away, without having to move the camera. We would normally move closer to an object or person to get a better view. Zooming in on an object or person lets your audience see the object more closely, just like they might if they were there at the scene. Likewise, zooming out increases the distance between the video camera and the subject you are recording. Although physically moving the camera closer to or further from the object creates a more realistic picture than using the zoom, many times moving closer or further from an object is not possible. In that case, zooming in or out is the best way to record video that will convey the message in your overall presentation. Setting up Shots Individual shots work together to form the scenes that make up a complete video. A shot is taken when you turn on the video camera, record video and audio, and then stop recording. The different shots work together to form a scene. Setting up a shot requires some planning. You should have basic instructions or a script for your video, but don t be afraid to let your actors improvise at times and explain the topic or subject as they see or understand it. This often leads to more natural and compelling video because it lets your subjects relax and explain the topic or subject in their own words and using genuine emotion. When you are shooting video, there are some basic steps you can take to get better shots.
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In Java, all methods not declared static or final are implicitly declared virtual. A derived class that implements a method with the same signature and return type as an inherited virtual method implicitly overrides that method. When a method is invoked on an object, the most overridden version of the method available to the runtime type of the object is used irrespective of the reference type used to refer to the object. This behavior is the basis of polymorphism. This approach can cause problems in derived classes when releasing new versions of a base class:
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policy for site-to-site connections.
Description integer An XML name A string type An instant in time A period of time Normalized string with leading and trailing white spaces removed 8-bit unsigned integer 32-bit unsigned integer 64-bit unsigned integer 16-bit unsigned integer qualified
void corePart_MouseLeftButtonDown(object sender, MouseButtonEventArgs e) { isPressed = true; GoToState(true); } void corePart_MouseLeftButtonUp(object sender, MouseButtonEventArgs e) { isPressed = false; isCoolDown = true; pressedTime = DateTime.Now; GoToState(true); } 3. Next, wire up the handlers to the events. You can do this in the CorePart property s setter, as follows. Note that in the case where more than one template is applied, before wiring up the event handlers, you need to make sure to remove any existing event handlers.
31. Layout and Style
11 Web Site Navigation
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