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A policy file contains the strong name details of the original assembly version and the version of the new assembly to use. The following file shows a policy file that states that version of the StringPrinter assembly, shown earlier, should be satisfied by version
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FIGURE 13-11 Download Fetch XML button
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Serialization is the process of converting an object or a graph of connected objects into a stream of bytes . Deserialization is the process of converting a stream of bytes back into its graph of connected objects . The ability to convert objects to and from a byte stream is an incredibly useful mechanism . Here are some examples:
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Fires when the ActualWidth or ActualHeight property of the Silverlight control changes.
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Creating mappings for fields of the Option Set data type requires additional steps to ensure that the values map correctly. When you map two option set fields together, you must also make sure that the option set values match up accurately. When a user looks at a drop-down list on a form, Microsoft Dynamics CRM displays the option set label to the user. However, when Microsoft Dynamics CRM maps two option set fields together, it uses the option set value, not the option set label.
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This section lists supplemental readings by objective. You should study these sources thoroughly before taking exam 70-291. Objective 3.1 Review Lessons 1 and 2 of 11, Managing Network Security.
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develop the project in increments, or use fewer people and a longer schedule or more people and a shorter schedule. One of the scariest exchanges I ve ever heard was at a lecture on managing software projects. The speaker was the author of a best-selling software-projectmanagement book. A member of the audience asked, What do you do if management asks for an estimate and you know that if you give them an accurate estimate they ll say it s too high and decide not to do the project The speaker responded that that was one of those tricky areas in which you had to get management to buy into the project by underestimating it. He said that once they d invested in the first part of the project, they d see it through to the end. Wrong answer! Management is responsible for the big-picture issues of running a company. If a certain software capability is worth $250K to a company and you estimate it will cost $750K to develop, the company shouldn t develop the software. It s management s responsibility to make such judgments. When the speaker advocated lying about the project s cost, telling management it would cost less than it really would, he advocated covertly stealing management s authority. If you think a project is interesting, breaks important new ground for the company, or provides valuable training, say so. Management can weigh those factors too. But tricking management into making the wrong decision could literally cost the company hundreds of thousands of dollars. If it costs you your job, you ll have gotten what you deserve.
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All of the inbuilt simple types (sbyte, ushort, float, decimal, and so on) Any enum type Any pointer type Any user-defined struct that contains only fields of unmanaged types
Identifying Users
Lesson 3: Implementing jQuery
The default is to add the program to the Start Menu Folder Remote Programs. If this folder doesn t already exist, it will be created as part of the installation. You can also choose to have the RemoteApp program automatically added to the user s desktop. And you can have the remote application take over all the client extensions it would normally take over for the user s computer. Click Next and then click Finish to create the Windows Installer Package.
System.Net.WebException: Unable to connect to the remote server
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