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private void handleMarker(object sender, TimelineMarkerRoutedEventArgs e) { string strMarkerStatus = e.Marker.Time.ToString(); strMarkerStatus += " : "; strMarkerStatus += e.Marker.Type; strMarkerStatus += " : "; strMarkerStatus += e.Marker.Text; }
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The XmlDataSource control provides a means to create a binding connection between controls on your page and an XML file. The XmlDataSource control is best used when you want to bind to XML data that is represented as hierarchical. In these cases, the outer elements of the XML represent data records. The child elements can themselves be subrecords related to the outer records. In addition, the child elements and attributes of these outer record elements are typically bound to as fields. You can think of these fields as columns of data on the record. Due to this hierarchical nature, the XmlDataSource control is typically bound to controls that show data in a hierarchical manner, such as the TreeView control. However, XmlDataSource controls can be used to display data in tabular formats, too. You configure the XmlDataSource control at design time to point to an XML file. XML data in your project is typically stored in your project s App_Data folder. To bind to a file, you set the DataFile attribute on the data source control to point to the path of the XML file. The following code shows an example of defining an XmlDataSource control that points to a file containing product data.
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Server Components
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To install a role using either Server Manager or the Initial Configuration Tasks tool, click Add Roles. A page pops up with some basic background information. Click Next. You will see the page shown in Figure 11-6. The page shown in Figure 11-6 is where the main work is being done. However, do not ignore the rest of the pages. For example, if you select the Application Server role you see the page shown earlier in Figure 11-1. You cannot modify anything there, but click Next a few times and you see the page in Figure 11-7.
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This code generates the following output:
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.net data matrix reader
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Windows Defender is a good antispyware solution for computers in homes and in small business networks . If you use a domain-based networks, you might want to look into Microsoft Forefront Client Security (, which provides spyware (, protection with centralized control, management, and reporting .
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Subnet Examples
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SET @sql = (SELECT text FROM fn_get_sql( (SELECT sql_handle FROM sys.sysprocesses WHERE spid = @@spid))); PRINT @sql;
Key Moves
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In our examination of Visual Basic .NET, we looked at function overloading that is, the ability to have multiple functions with the same name but different argument lists. C# offers this sort of overloading, as well as operator overloading, which Visual Basic .NET doesn t support. Operator overloading allows you to create a method that will be called when an operator, such as +, -, ++ (increment), or (decrement) is used. Operator overloading in C# is similar to operator overloading in C++, but there are some notable differences. Table 3-4 lists the operators and indicates whether they can be overloaded in C#. Table 3-4 : C# Operators and Their Overloadability Operators +, -, !, ~, ++, , true, false +, -, *, /, %, &, |, ^, <<, >> ==, !=, <, >, <=, >= Operator Type Unary Binary Comparison Overloadability Can be overloaded. Can be overloaded. Can be overloaded, but only in pairs. For example, if == (equality comparison operator) is overloaded, != (inequality operator) must also be overloaded. Can t be overloaded, but are evaluated using the & and | operators, which can be overloaded. Can t be overloaded, but the same effect can be obtained using indexers. This operator can be used, for example, to create a virtual array. Can t be overloaded, but the same effect can be obtained using conversion operators
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