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Dealing with Virtual Methods When Versioning Types
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The standard input is a default stream supplied by many operating systems that relates to the standard way to accept input from the user. In our case, the standard input is the keyboard, but if, for example, you were to redirect data to a Ruby application from a Unix-like operating system, such as Linux or Mac OS X, the standard input would be the data piped to it. For example, let s assume we put the preceding code example into a file called test.rb and then ran it like so: ruby test.rb < somedata.txt The output provided this time would be the first line of somedata.txt, as gets would retrieve a single line from the standard input that, in this case, would be the contents of the file somedata.txt. Conversely, standard output is usually referring to the screen or display, but if the results of your Ruby script are being redirected to a file or another program, that destination file or program becomes the target for the standard output.
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Normally, you wouldn t display a string formatted by using the invariant culture to a user . Typically, you d just save this string in a data file so that it could be parsed later . In the FCL, just three types implement the IFormatProvider interface . The first is CultureInfo, which I ve already explained . The other two are NumberFormatInfo and DateTimeFormatInfo . When GetFormat is called on a NumberFormatInfo object, the method checks if the type being requested is a NumberFormatInfo . If it is, this is returned; if it s not, null is returned . Similarly, calling GetFormat on a DateTimeFormatInfo object returns this if a DateTimeFormatInfo is requested and null if it s not . These two types implement this interface simply as a programming convenience . When trying to obtain a string representation of an object, the caller commonly specifies a format and uses the culture associated with the calling thread . For this reason, you often call ToString, passing a string for the format parameter and null for the formatProvider parameter . To make calling ToString easier for you, many types offer several overloads of the ToString method . For example, the Decimal type offers four different ToString methods: barcode generator source code
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// This code is harder to write and understand. Appointment[] appointments = GetAppointmentsForToday(); if (appointments != null) { for (Int32 a = 0, a < appointments.Length; a++) { // Do something with appointments[a] } }
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Lesson 2: Exploring Specialized Server Controls
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Finding and Organizing Files and Information
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Figure 27-2 Use this dialog box to add sites to particular zones or modify the security settings associated with a zone.
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Publish Reports Allows a user to make a report viewable to the entire organization. For Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services reports, this privilege also allows users to publish the report to the SQL Server Reporting Services web server for external use. Add Reporting Services Reports Permits the user to upload an existing Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services report file to Microsoft Dynamics CRM. SQL Server Reporting Services files use the Report Definition Language (RDL) format. This privilege differs from the create privilege of the Report entity, which refers to creating a new report by using the Report Wizard or by adding another file type, such as an Excel file or PDF report.
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The results of this study were remarkable. Four of the five teams finished first in the objective they were told to optimize. The other team finished second in its objective. None of the teams did consistently well in all objectives. The surprising implication is that people actually do what you ask them to do. Programmers have high achievement motivation: They will work to the objectives specified, but they must be told what the objectives are. The second implication is that, as expected, objectives conflict and it s generally not possible to do well on all of them.
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1. The MBR reads the boot sector the first sector of the active partition which
Generalization and Specialization
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Key Points
determine BAP usage and specify when extra BAP lines are dropped. The Multilink and BAP properties are specific to the Routing And Remote Access service. By default, Multilink and BAP are disabled. The Routing And Remote Access service must have Multilink and BAP enabled for the Multilink properties of the profile to be enforced. Authentication Tab You can set authentication properties to both enable the authenti cation types that are allowed for a connection and specify the EAP type that must be used. Additionally, you can configure the EAP type. By default, MS-CHAP and MS-CHAP v2 are enabled. In Windows Server 2003, you can specify whether users can change their expired passwords by using MS-CHAP and MS-CHAP v2 (enabled by default). The Routing And Remote Access service must have the corresponding authentication types enabled for the authentication properties of the profile to be enforced. Encryption Tab Windows Server 2003 supports two general methods for the encryp tion of remote access connection data: Rivest-Shamir Adleman (RSA) RC4, and Data Encryption Standard (DES). RSA RC4 is the family of algorithms used in MPPE, the encryption type used with the MS-CHAP or EAP-TLS authentication protocols in both dial-up and Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) based VPN connections. DES, meanwhile, is the general encryption scheme most commonly used with Internet Pro tocol Security (IPSec), the security standard used with the Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP) authentication protocol in VPNs. (VPNs, PPTP, and L2TP/IPSec are discussed in Lesson 3 of this chapter.) Both MPPE and IPSec support multiple levels of encryption, as shown in Table 10-3.
14 Spatial Data
Delegate and Interface Contravariant and Covariant generic Type Arguments
A. Use the ToList method. B. Use the DataContractJsonSerializer class. c. Use the XElement class. D. Use the Concat method.
Beyond the formatting techniques for routines is a larger formatting issue. How do you organize routines within a file, and how do you decide which routines to put in a file in the first place
as actions that, generally, represent each action relevant to that controller, such as show, hide, view, delete, and so forth. The basic relationship between these components is shown in Figure 13-1.
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