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Produce QR-Code in .NET Part I CLR Basics

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Making Headlines Beyond Bullet Points
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Remote administrators who use the Internet to connect to an organization s
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Figure 6-4
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Basically, to make this mechanism work, you first define a surrogate type that takes over the actions required to serialize and deserialize an existing type . Then, you register an instance of your surrogate type with the formatter telling the formatter which existing type your surrogate type is responsible for acting on . When the formatter detects that it is trying to serialize or deserialize an instance of the existing type, it will call methods defined by your surrogate object . Let s build a sample that demonstrates how all this works . A serialization surrogate type must implement the System.Runtime.Serialization. ISerializationSurrogate interface, which is defined in the FCL as follows:
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To recover selected volumes, follow these steps:
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Click OK to close the dialog box.
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o.address = address_t('','','', (select initcap(x.location) from offerings x where x.course = o.course and x.begindate = o.begindate) )
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Maps are similar to enumerated values in .NET programming . They are used to provide a description of values that are stored as their numeric equivalent . You can see the available maps by executing this command:
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Excel includes three Office Web Components, and each supports specific kinds of interactivity. They re called Office Web Components (OWCs) instead of Excel Web Components because they can be used in web pages created with other Office applications, but the functionality is all Excel.
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E xErcIsE 2 Adding a New Webpage
Managing Network Security
Both of these issues can be fixed by using EIMIs . Here s a modified version of SomeValueType that has an EIMI added to it:
Maintaining the database of installed services Starting services and driver services either upon system start-up or upon demand Enumerating installed services and driver services Maintaining status information for running services and driver services Transmitting control requests to running services Locking and unlocking the service database
In this exercise, you create the XML web service website and define the web service.
DH Diffie-Hellman ESP Encapsulated Security Payload FTP File Transfer Protocol GFE Generic Filtering Engine HCAP Host Credential Authorization Protocol HRA Health Registration Authority HTML Hypertext Markup Language HTTP Hypertext Transport Protocol HTTPS Secure Hypertext Transport Protocol ICMP Internet Control Message Protocol IKE Internet Key Exchange (IKE) IPsec Internet Protocol security ISA Internet Security and Acceleration Server ISAKMP Internet Security Association and Key Management Protocol L2TP Layer two tunneling protocol MD5 Message Digest 5 MMC Microsoft Management Console MPPE Microsoft Point-to-Point NAP Network Access Protection NAP EC Network Access Protection Enforcement Client NAP ES Network Access Protection Enforcement Server NAT Network address translation NAT-T Network address translation traversal NDF Network Diagnostics Framework NLA Network Location Awareness NPS Network Policy Server
2-5: The compilation and execution of managed code
Restricted Does not allow any scripts to be run and won t load con guration les.
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