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Managing Playback Position
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Note One of the preceding examples depends on somefile being a file that actually exists in the local
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Figure 29-2 Clicking Edit leads to a dialog box that s nearly identical to the Security tab in earlier ersions of Windows.
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AppDomain First-Chance Exception Notifications
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update to display data related to the open record. Your custom web page must retrieve data from the additional query string parameters and update the web page display accordingly.
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not EligibleForRetirement( m_employee[id] )
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Verifiability and Constraints
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String Interning
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You have created an ASP.NET web form that enables users to create accounts with a CreateUserWizard control. After a new user creates an account, you want to redirect the user to a page listing the rules for your website. To which of the following events should you respond
Once upon a time, I joined a group of industry experts looking for a master list of things I could tweak on my Small Business Server 2003. Like many, I was enticed by the promise that tweaks meant I was secure and the thrill of entering that uncharted land of the registry where in the Tweakomatic tool documentation, the Scripting Guys threaten that horrible things will happen if you go astray was just too tempting. I found upon investigation, however, that no one really knew what would happen to my server and the LOB applications running on it after I made most of these tweaks. Generally, the folks who designed the tweaks know the details of what they do, but not how they affect an application. Conversely, an application developer is rarely aware of what tweaks the code is dependent on. Would my server survive Or would it accidentally create
Tabbed Windows
ASP.NET Forms vs. Visual Basic 6.0 Forms Most of this chapter compares classic ASP to ASP.NET. Th e differences are striking. If you re moving from Visual Basic 6.0 to ASP.NET, whether you decide to use Visual Basic .NET or C#, the changes in the overall architecture of forms are even more striking. Certain things that are reasonable and easy to do in a traditional Visual Basic application are less reasonable, and certainly harder to do, in the ASP.NET forms model. For example, it s not uncommon to create a traditional application in which exiting from one control changes the contents of the next control. I ve worked on an application in which users select a facility type in a drop-down list. After they tab out of the facility type drop-down list, the facility name drop-down list changes its contents to reflect only facilities of the selected type. Modifying controls on the fly might not be the best structure for an ASP.NET form because repopulating the next control commonly requires a round-trip to the server. At a deeper level, the biggest shock for Visual Basic developers who begin developing ASP.NET forms will be the lifetime of a page and the variables defined within it. An ASP.NET page is like a forgetful child. Tell it something (set a variable in the underlying page class), and the next time you see the page and ask it about that variable, the page will have forgotten everything you ever told it about the variable. This lack of retention isn t unreasonable, given that HTTP is a stateless protocol. If you connect to a large commercial Web site for instance, MSDN there s no guarantee that each time you request the same page from the site, the page will come from the same Web server.
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