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Important Extension methods are the cornerstone of Microsoft s Language Integrated Query
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Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Querying
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In the following snippet, you will nd the contents of the ZipOutputFiles target taken from the WebApplication1_ftp01.csproj_deploy.wdproj le.
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FigURE 12-30 The custom field template being used in the browser.
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Section 21.3, Formal Inspections and Section 9 21.4, Other Kinds of 0 Collaborative Development 1 Practices.
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With Service Broker, SQL Server becomes a platform for building loosely coupled, asynchronous database applications . Service Broker implements queues as first-class database objects . The queue-handling code built into the database kernel handles the locking, ordering, and multithreading issues associated with managing queues . To support scaling out asynchronous database applications, Service Broker includes reliable, transactional messaging between SQL Server instances . Because Service Broker messaging is built into the database, it offers message integrity, performance, and reliability that most transactional messaging systems can t match . Service Broker dialogs provide ordering and delivery guarantees that no other messaging system offers . Finally, Service Broker is not just a messaging system . Although the messaging features might be very useful, a large number of Service Broker scenarios don t require messaging at all . The ability to perform asynchronous, queued database actions is very useful, even if your database application isn t distributed .
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Dirty Reads
Getting Started with Windows Media Center
6. Post <form>, application receives token.
Typical Resource Record Fields
0 Fred Bloggs,Manager,Male,45 28 Before you begin to read any text from the file, the position is shown as 0. Once you ve read a line of text, the position is shown as 28. This is because pos returns the position of the file pointer (that is, the current location within the file that you re reading from) in the number of bytes from the start of the file. However, pos can work both ways, as it has a sister method, pos=: f ="text.txt") f.pos = 8 puts f.gets puts f.pos
Before a shared printer can be used by clients of a different architecture, such as x64 editions of Windows, you need to add the drivers for the printer to SBS. This isn t automatic when initially sharing a printer, so you ll need to add the necessary client drivers after the shared printer is created. To install drivers for clients of different architectures, follow these steps:
Which SQL Multiset Operators Are Available
In a table with temporal support, the header represents a predicate with at least one time parameter that represents when the rest of the predicate is valid the complete predicate is therefore a timestamped predicate . Rows represent timestamped propositions, and the row s valid time period is expressed with one of two attributes: since (for semitemporal data) or during (for fully temporal data); the latter attribute is usually represented with two values, from and to . I will explain these attributes in an example from the InsideTSQL2008 database . Figure 12-1 shows the original and two additional timestamped versions of the Production . Suppliers table . The additional columns required for temporal support are in bold .
19: Smoothing the Working Set
all the assemblies and types that work with the CLR. They will be compiled, so they will execute fast, and, most important, these macros will run in a secure AppDomain so that users don t get hit with any unwanted surprises.
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