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Less than Greater than Equal to Less than or equal to Greater than or equal to Not equal to
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Table 3-1 lists the most important options that can be used with the C# compiler. Note that many of the compiler options have abbreviated forms; see the online documentation for more details.
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Constructor .NET ConstructorInfo Class getDeclaringClass() DeclaringType getExceptionTypes() N/A getModifiers() Attributes getName() Name
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The waitObject parameter indicates how you want to be notified when all queued work items for the registered wait have executed . You should pass null for this parameter if you don t want a notification . If you pass a valid reference to a WaitHandle-derived object, the thread pool will signal the object when all pending work items for the registered wait handle have executed . The code below demonstrates how to have a thread pool thread call a method whenever an AutoResetEvent object becomes signaled:
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The next step is to add client-side validation code to the webpage source. You can do so before the <body> tag on the page. The following provides an example JavaScript function called ValidatePassword. Notice that the function signature matches the one defined by the data validation framework. Also notice the setting of arguments.IsValid.
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Click E-Mail Address and specify an e-mail address to receive noti cations. To send
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Lesson 3: Caching
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The output shows the database name, le type, total I/O (reads and writes) in megabytes, I/O stalls in seconds, I/O stalls in percent of the total for the whole system, and a row number indicating a position in the sorted list based on I/O stalls. Of course, if you want, you can calculate a percentage and row number based on I/O as opposed to I/O stalls, and you can also use running aggregation techniques to calculate a running percentage, as I demonstrated earlier. You might also be interested in a separation between the reads and writes for your analysis. In this output, you can clearly identify the main element involving most of the system s I/O stalls the data portion of Performance, which scores big time (86 percent of the stalls), and the data portion of MDW, which also incurs a large percent (5 percent of the stalls). I enabled the data collector in my system and the three system collection sets, which store the information in this management data warehouse. By default, the collection frequency is 60 seconds. Behind, with about 1 to 2 percent each, are the data portions of AdventureWorks2008 and tempdb and the log portions of Performance and MDW. Obviously, you should focus on these elements, paying special attention to data activity against the Performance database.
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Figure 6-2. UPDATE command syntax diagram If you omit the optional WHERE clause, the change is applied to all rows of the table. This illustrates the fact that the UPDATE command operates at the table level, so you need the WHERE clause as the relational restriction operator to limit the scope of the UPDATE command to a subset of the table. As you can see from Figure 6-2, the SET clause offers two alternatives: You can specify a comma-separated list of single column changes. With this approach, you can use the DEFAULT keyword as an expression. This allows you to change column default values in the data dictionary at any point in time without the need to change the UPDATE commands in your applications. You can drive the change with a subquery. The subquery must provide the right number of values for the list of column names specified between the parentheses. Of course, the datatypes should also match, or the Oracle DBMS should at least be able to convert values to the appropriate datatypes on the fly.
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Orienting the Audience with the Setting Headline
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When scripting the control in the browser, the main programming interface that is exposed in Silverlight 1.0 is through the JavaScript Document Object Model (DOM) application programming interface (API). By using the JavaScript DOM API, you can catch user events that are raised in the application (such as mouse moves or clicks of a specific element) and have code execute in response to them. You can call methods on the JavaScript DOM for XAML elements to manipulate them allowing, for example, control of media playback or triggering animations. For a richer and more powerful experience, you can also program an application that is rendered by the control using the new .NET Framework CLR. In addition to what you can do in JavaScript, this capability offers many of the namespaces and controls that come as part of
Alternatively, you can execute code in the constructor for the page so that if your page is called Page.xaml, you ll see a constructor function called Page().
Advanced E-Mail Con guration
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Data Tier
Direct Email Quick Campaigns
Implementing Identity and Access (IDA) Control Using Active Directory
There are 26 counters for you to examine. However, not every counter will be impor tant in your troubleshooting. Table 12-1 shows some of the most useful counters for troubleshooting network performance.
Add Subtract Multiply Divide Mod BitwiseAnd BitwiseOr Xor LeftShift RightShift Equals Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare
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