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Fine-Tuning Network Performance
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If the IDbCommand uses positional parameters (as with the OLE Data Provider implementation), the IDbDataParameter instances must be placed in the collection in the same order they occur in the statement. Named parameters can be added in any order and will be mapped correctly during command execution. If a stored procedure provides a return value, the parameter to receive the return value must always be the first IDbDataParameter in the collection. Table 16-7 summarizes the members of IDbDataParameter.
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Presentation Solutions That Pack a Punch
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To test the function, run the following code, which returns all subordinates of employee 1 and their paths, as shown in Table 9-18: SELECT empid, lvl, path FROM dbo.fn_subordinates3(1, NULL) AS S;
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A. Incorrect: In this option, tracing is disabled. The localOnly attribute is also set wrong. B. Incorrect: This option has the wrong values for pageOutput and localOnly. c. Incorrect: This option has the wrong value for mostRecent. D. Correct: This option matches the requirements defined in the question.
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Windows SharePoint Server 2007, which is designed for hosting multiple, independent, SharePoint portals, is a separate product.
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//****************************************************************************** // SimpleGetNT5ClientVersion.cs 2008 by Bj Rollison // Returns the Windows NT operating system environment //****************************************************************************** private const int WINDOWS_NT5_KERNEL = 5; private const int WINDOWS_2000 = 0; private const int WINDOWS_XP = 1; A0 private static string SimpleGetNT5ClientVersion() { OperatingSystem osVersionInfo = Environment.OSVersion; string osVersion = string.Empty; switch(osVersionInfo.Version.Major) { case WINDOWS_NT5_KERNEL: switch(osVersionInfo.Version.Minor) { case WINDOWS_2000: osVersion = "Win2K"; break; case WINDOWS_XP: osVersion = "WinXp"; break; } break; } return osVersion; A6 }
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You want to create a web service and call it from client-side script. What actions should you take (Choose all that apply.)
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Note Before moving on to the client code, it is worth explaining and emphasizing one important design
Update Group Policy
Routing with Windows Server 2003
=> true You can compare the songs as if you re comparing numbers. Technically, you are. By implementing the <=> method on the Song class, individual song objects can be compared directly, and you use their lengths to do so. You could have implemented <=> to compare by the length of the song title, or any other attribute, if you wished. Modules give you the same ability to implement similar generic sets of functionality that you can then apply to arbitrary classes. For example, you could create a module that implements longest and shortest methods that could be included into Array, Hash, or other classes, and returns the longest or shortest string in a list.
Sample of Visual Basic Code Dim svcUri As Uri = New Uri("http://localhost:53908/WcfDataSrv/NwdDataService.svc") Dim nwd As NwdEntitiesSrv.northwndEntities = New NwdEntitiesSrv.northwndEntities(svcUri) Dim q As DataServiceQuery(Of NwdEntitiesSrv.Customer) = nwd.Customers Me.GridViewCustomers.DataSource = q Me.GridViewCustomers.DataBind()
1 . Global resources should be stored in the App_GlobalResources folder. 2. Store local resources in the App_LocalResources folder.
architectural considerations
Part IV System Maintenance and Management
Figure 17-1: GFLAGS.EXE with settings for HEAPER.EXE Because I'm on the subject of GFLAGS.EXE, I want to take a moment to point out one very useful option, Show Loader Snaps. If you check that box and run your application, you'll see where Windows is loading the DLLs and how it's going about fixing up the imports, called snapping, for your application. If you need to see exactly what the Windows loader is doing when it loads your application (in case you have a problem), you'll find it helpful to turn on this option. For more information on loader snaps, see Matt Pietrek's "Under the Hood" column in the September 1999 Microsoft Systems Journal. Tricks for Hunting Down Memory Problems With a good understanding of the debugging memory systems available to you, I can now turn to tricks and techniques for finding those memory problems that occur only in production systems and don't easily show up in the debugger. Finding Uninitialized Memory Writes Nothing is worse than a crash that occurs out of nowhere and that doesn't seem to match up with any known code path. If you're experiencing these symptoms, you're probably looking at an uninitialized write, which is also known as a wild write. The cause is a pointer variable that hasn't been initialized and happens to be pointing to valid memory. You'll mostly see this with stack-based pointers, in other words, local variables. Since the stack is being changed all the time as your program is executing, there's no telling what that uninitialized pointer is pointing to, which is why it can appear to be random. 649
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