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The list returned by this query includes names such as lock_mode and lock_owner_type . Each of these has a set of defined values, which can be found in sys.dm_xe_map_values . As an example, the following query returns the defined values for lock_owner_type:
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Figure 3-3 shows the parts of the dialog box that are always visible. The failure edit control contains the reason for the failure, either assertion or verify, the expression that failed, the location of the failure, the decoded last error value, and how many times this particular assertion has failed. If the assertion is running on Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 or higher, it will also display the total kernel handle count in the process. In SUPERASSERT, I translate the last error values into their textual representations. Seeing the error messages written out as text is extremely helpful when an API function fails: you can see why it failed and can start debugging faster. For example, if GetModuleFileName fails because the input buffer isn't large enough, SUPERASSERT will set the last error value to 122, which is ERROR_INSUFFICIENT_BUFFER from WINERROR.H. By immediately seeing the text "The data area passed to a system call is too small," you know exactly what the problem is and how to fix it. Figure 3-3 shows a standard Windows error message, but you can add your own message resource to the SUPERASSERT last error message translation. For more information about using your own message resources, look up the "Message Compiler" topic in MSDN. An added incentive for using message resources is that they make internationalizing your application much easier. The Ignore Once button, located below the failure edit control, simply continues execution. It is the default button, so you can press Enter or the spacebar to immediately move past an assertion after analyzing its cause. Abort Program calls ExitProcess to attempt to do a clean shutdown of the application. The Break Into Debugger button causes a DebugBreak call so that you can start debugging the failure by either popping into the debugger or starting the JIT debugger. The Copy To Clipboard button on the second row copies to the clipboard all the text from the failure edit control as well as the information from all threads you have done stack walks for. The last button, More>> or Less<<, toggles the dialog box folding. The Create Mini Dump and Email Assertion buttons need a little explanation. If the version of DBGHELP.DLL loaded in the process space has the minidump functions exported, the Create Mini Dump button is enabled. If the minidump functions are not accessible, the button is disabled. To best preserve the state of the application, SUPERASSERT suspends all other threads in the application. This means that SUPERASSERT can't use the common file dialog because that dialog cranks up some background threads that stick around after it goes away. When SUPERASSERT suspends all the threads, the common file dialog code hangs because it's waiting on a suspended thread. Consequently, I can't use the common file dialog. The dialog that pops up after clicking Create Mini Dump, then, is a simple prompt dialog box with an edit box that asks you for the full path and name of the minidump. The Email Assertion button is active only if you've put a special define in your source file that indicates the e-mail address you want the assertion information mailed to. This is a fantastic feature for testers to use to send the appropriate assertion to the correct developer. All the information, including all stack walks, is part of the e-mail message, so developers should be able to get exactly why the assertion triggered. At the top of each source file, you'll want to include code like the following to automatically get the e-mail capabilities. It's not required to use SUPERASSERT to define SUPERASSERT_EMAIL, but I strongly suggest you do. #ifdef SUPERASSERT_EMAIL #undef SUPERASSERT_EMAIL // Please put your own email address in! #define SUPERASSERT_EMAIL "" #endif
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Although Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides almost limitless customization options, you might encounter scenarios in which you want to customize the software in a manner not described in this book or in the product documentation. You might hear that these types of undocumented customizations are unsupported, but what does that really mean Unsupported customizations could fall into one of three categories:
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privileges for the entity if they have at least a User access level for that entity. For example, if Heidi has an access level of None Selected for the Activity entity, she is not able to view activities related to Woodgrove Bank even if someone shares Read privileges with her for that Account record. Likewise, she needs to have at least a User access level for the Account entity to view the Woodgrove Bank account record after Laura shares it with her.
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Appointment Campaign Activity Campaign Response Case Resolution E-mail
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resources in the corporate LAN. You ll be tempted to just punch through access to resources that are already in place, but remember that every quarantined user will be getting IP filters created to them for quaran tine access. To cut down on filter lists and processor usage, create a small quarantine network that has all the resources and then allow access for quarantined users to that network segment. This means that only one IP fil ter needs to be plumbed (the filter that allows access to that IP segment), and LAN access is still protected. generate data matrix barcode
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CREATE TABLE dbo.CNUsage ( id INT IDENTITY(1,1) NOT NULL, cn ComplexNumberCS NULL );
the fbStatic and fbInstance variables refer to two separate Feedback delegate objects that are initialized, as shown in Figure 17-2 .
First we will map the one-to-many relationship between the Conference and Track POJOs. Let s start with a basic Conference HBM file with the simple field-to-column property mappings as shown in Listing 4-16. Listing 4-16. HBM Skeleton for the Conference Class < xml version="1.0" > <!DOCTYPE hibernate-mapping PUBLIC "-//Hibernate/Hibernate Mapping DTD 3.0//EN" ""> <hibernate-mapping package="com.integrallis.techconf.domain"> <class name="Conference" table="conference"> <id column="PK_ID" name="Id" type="integer" > <generator class="identity" /> </id> <property name="AbstractSubmissionStartDate" length="19" not-null="true" type="timestamp" /> <property name="Name" length="64" not-null="true" type="string" />
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