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The contents of the gallery, with any filters and searches applied, can be sorted and arranged in a variety of ways. By default, Photo Gallery takes its best guess at sorting and grouping based on the current filters. You can apply manual choices by right-clicking any empty space in the contents pane and choosing from the Group By and Sort By menus.
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Primary DNS server: mgmt.ldn.microsoft.com
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The footer of the editor zone has a standard toolbar with buttons for saving and exiting (the OK button), saving and continuing (the Apply button), and exiting without saving (the Cancel button). Any change applied during the edit phase is stored in the personalization data store. This feature is provided by the ASP.NET 2.0 framework and requires no additional coding.
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C01620245.fm Page 27 Wednesday, June 9, 2004 5:22 PM
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A typical scenario is the following: CREATE ROLE <role name> GRANT privileges TO <role name> GRANT <role name> TO user(s) The first step creates a new (empty) role. The second step (which can be repeated as many times as you like) populates the role with a mix of object and system privileges. The third step grants the role (and thereby all its privileges) to a user in a single step. Roles have several useful and powerful properties: Roles are dynamic; further changes to the role contents automatically affect all users previously granted that role. Roles can be enabled or disabled during a session. You can protect roles with a password. In that case, only users who know the role password can enable the role. The most important advantage of roles is their manageability.
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instance. If this is the first time the type was called for, the container creates it and holds on to it for future calls. If the type has not been registered as a singleton, the container returns a new instance.
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using System.Windows; using System; namespace SlidingBlocks { public partial class App : Application { public App() { this.Startup += this.Application_Startup; this.Exit += this.Application_Exit;
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Regardless of where you access the executed workflow processes, you can review the details of any step by resting the mouse on the icon to the left of each step (see Figure 14-30).
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private void SomeMethod1() { Int32 x = 1, y = 2; IComparable c = x; // CompareTo expects an Object; passing y (an Int32) is OK c.CompareTo(y); // y is boxed here // CompareTo expects an Object; passing "2" (a String) compiles // but an ArgumentException is thrown at runtime c.CompareTo("2"); }
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Recall that earlier I discussed the following query:
The WPF and Silverlight Designer team published an in-depth, scenario-based training article that discusses the use of sample data in WPF and Silverlight projects. The article, Sample Data in the WPF and Silverlight Designer, is available on MSDN.
Describe the four layers of the TCP/IP model Give examples of the protocols that exist at each layer of the TCP/IP protocol stack Describe the basic functions of ARP IP ICMP TCP and UDP , , , ,
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