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Implement Quick Response Code in .NET Thread Basics

After you run the code in Listing 1-4, the PivotedCategories table will contain the data shown in Table 1-17.
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Used to return a message formatted as JSON. Used to return JavaScript code that will be executed
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Modifying an Existing View
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Generation 1 generation 1); generation 0 is empty
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A fault-tolerant system is one that is prepared to continue operating in the event of key component failures. This technique is very useful for servers running critical applications. Here are a few of the many ways to ensure fault tolerance in a system: Use one or more RAID arrays for system and data storage, protecting you from harddisk failure. If a hard disk in the array fails, only that disk needs to be replaced and no data is lost. See 11, Disk Management, for information about using RAID, both software and hardware, to provide fault tolerance for your disk subsystem. Use multiple disk array controllers to provide redundancy if a controller fails. Use an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) to allow the server to shut down gracefully in the event of a power failure. Use multiples of everything that is likely to fail, including power supplies and network cards. Keep key spares available to quickly recover by replacing a failed part. If you have only a single power supply and it fails, you ll be back online a lot faster if you swap out a failed power supply yourself and then call your hardware vendor for a replacement for the failed one.
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Analyzing Traffic Using Network Monitor
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my_position = @@chat.size io.puts("Welcome to the chat, client #{@@client_id}!") # Leave a message on the chat queue to signify this client # has joined the chat @@chat << [my_client_id, "<joins the chat>"] loop do # Every 5 seconds check to see if we are receiving any data if IO.select([io], nil, nil, 2) # If so, retrieve the data and process it... line = io.gets # If the user says 'quit', disconnect them if line =~ /quit/ @@chat << [my_client_id, "<leaves the chat>"] break end # Shut down the server if we hear 'shutdown' self.stop if line =~ /shutdown/ # Add the client's text to the chat array along with the # client's ID @@chat << [my_client_id, line] else # No data, so print any new lines from the chat stream @@chat[my_position..(@@chat.size - 1)].each_with_index do |line, index| io.puts("#{line[0]} says: #{line[1]}") end # Move the position to one past the end of the array my_position = @@chat.size end end end end server = ChatServer.new(1234) server.start loop do break if server.stopped end
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C ha p ter 12 tYING I t t OG e t h e r : D e V e LO p I N G a La r G e r r U B Y a p p LI C a t I O N
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Table of Contents
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You might ask yourself whether it is possible to prevent such inserts, which result in an XML document that no longer complies with its schema . Of course it is possible; in SQL Server, you can validate an XML instance against a schema from an XML schema collection . I will explain this in the last section of this chapter, where I deal with dynamic relational schemas .
Comparing Two Generic Type Variables with Each Other
WsE 3.0
Using Reliability Monitor
c. Incorrect: You add an <httpHandlers/> section to the <system.Web/> section when
780 ChAPTER 12
Flows and stacks are useful when you want to create groups of interface elements that have a relational layout to each other. For example, if you were writing an instant messenger application, each of the messages could be added as a new text element within a stack. If you were building an image gallery app, however, each image thumbnail could be added inside a flow to show the most thumbnails on the screen at once. As we ve only worked with button elements so far, let s see how to use a flow to build up a collection of equally spaced buttons, as if for a calculator application. We want a grid of four-by-four buttons with the numbers and mathematical operators on them. We ll do this by defining a flow of a certain width and height and then adding buttons of the correct width and height to get a grid of buttons four across and four high: Shoes.app(:width => 300, :height => 300) do flow :width => 280 do %w{7 8 9 / 4 5 6 * 1 2 3 + 0 C = -}.each do |key| button key, :width => 70, :height => 70 do alert "You pressed #{key}" end end end end As you can see, a flow is defined similarly to all other blocks in Shoes apps. Just use flow, followed by any options, and then a code block. We define a flow that s 280 pixels wide, and then iterate over an array of 16 characters (0 9, /, *, +, -, =, and C) to create buttons of 70 pixels wide and tall that flow within the flow. The result is shown in Figure 16-3. No height is specified, which means the height will dynamically grow as more items are added within the flow (the same applies to stacks). You can specify a height in the same way as a width, but using the :height argument, if you wish.
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