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<script type="text/javascript"> function CheckSupported() { var tst = Silverlight.supportedUserAgent(); if (tst) { // Do nothing } else{ document.getElementById("silverlightControlHost").innerHTML = PromptNotSupported; } } </script>
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defined an HTTP endpoint. They will use the URL Rewrite Module for IIS to forward all traffic to the HTTPS endpoint on port 443. By defining the HTTP endpoint now, in the future Tailspin can choose to add non-HTTPS content to the website without deleting the Surveys application and then re-deploying it. The public website also uses the URL Rewrite Module and uses it to forward HTTPS traffic to the HTTP endpoint on port 80 for similar reasons. Note: Remember, you may want to use different SSL certificates when you are testing the application on the development fabric. You must make sure that the configuration files reference the correct certificates before you publish the application to Windows Azure. For more information about managing the deployment, see 7, Application Life Cycle Management, of the book, Windows Azure Architecture Guide, Part 1, Moving Applications to the Cloud. It is available at http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/ library/ff728592.aspx. In addition to the two web role projects, the solution also contains a worker role project and a library project named TailSpin.Web.Survey. Shared that contains code shared by both web roles and the worker role. This shared code includes the model classes and the data access layer.
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Lesson 3: Working with ASP.NET Dynamic Data
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904 tp4mon.exe 912 tphkmgr.exe 920 4nt.exe 940 taskmgr.exe 956 tponscr.exe 268 msdev.exe 252 WDBG.exe 828 NOTEPAD.exe 416 drwtsn32.exe 0 _Total.exe The Task List section shows the processes that were running at the time of the crash. Unfortunately, the list doesn't show the version information, so you'll have to ask the user for the file versions of all the processes in this section. The numbers down the left-hand side are the decimal process IDs (PIDs) at the time of the crash. The numbers are worthless after the fact. The Module List section contains all the modules loaded into the address space at the time of the crash. The numbers are in the format (load address maximum address) for each module. This is the first place differences appear between Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003 Dr. Watson logs. If you're looking at a Windows 2000 log, all you'll see are the address ranges of the modules and nothing else. If you have a Microsoft Visual Studio 6 compiled application and the symbols are accessable, you'll see the name of the loaded symbols next to the address range. Because the DBGHELP.DLL that comes with Windows 2000 knows nothing about Microsoft Visual Studio .NET symbols, you'll never see loaded symbols for binaries compiled with it. Windows 2000 has issues with the modules list, but Dr. Watson on Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 is smart enough to put the names of each DLL next to the address range. Windows 2000 Modules List (00400000 - 00460000) (77F80000 - 77FFB000) (63000000 - 6301B000) (77E10000 - 77E6F000) (77E80000 - 77F31000) Windows XP Modules List (0000000000400000 d:\Dev\BookTwo\Disk\Output\WDBG.exe (0000000071c20000 E:\WINDOWS\System32\NETAPI32.dll (0000000075a70000 E:\WINDOWS\system32\USERENV.dll (0000000075f40000 E:\WINDOWS\system32\appHelp.dll 0000000000460000: 0000000071c6e000: 0000000075b15000: 0000000075f5f000: 00000000763f5000:
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Using Windows Calendar
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Figure 24-3 One strategy for improving production code is to refactor poorly written legacy code as you touch it and move it to the other side of the interface to the messy real world.
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Page 277 The following sections describe how to edit an existing scan.hta file or how to create an entirely new page that lets your viewer select the presentation they want to watch. Make sure you edit the scan.hta file before you write the file and the associated presentation files to the recordable or rewriteable CD. Creating a New Scan.hta File You can create your own Select a Presentation page to replace the one that displays when your presentation CD is inserted into a CD drive. This allows you to customize the look of the page by adding new art, adding your company s logo, or arranging the layout to suit your preference. In fact, you can do virtually anything in your custom Select a Presentation page that you do in an Internet Explorer-compatible Web page. To customize the Select a Presentation page, first create your presentations and publish them to a folder on your local computer using the My Computer option in the Publish Wizard. Think of this folder as a temporary version of the CD you will create later. Next, create a custom Web page to replace the Select a Presentation page. You can use an HTML editor, such as Microsoft FrontPage, or just a plain text editor like Notepad. The key is to include a link to each presentation that will appear on the CD. When the presentations were published, Producer created an HTML document for each presentation that has the same name as the presentation. This small Web page acts as a shortcut to the presentation introduction page. Since your custom Web page will be located in the CD root directory with the shortcuts, you don t need to include a path in each link tag; simply link to the shortcut using its name and file name extension. For example:
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I tend to prefer using the interface technique over the base type technique because the base type technique doesn t allow the developer to choose the base type that works best in a particular situation . Although the base type technique works better in versioning scenarios since you could always add a member to the base type and the derived types just inherit it;
The System.Drawing.Graphics class represents a container on which GDI+ operations can be performed; this class is the equivalent of the java.awt.Graphics2D and java.awt.Graphics classes from the Java API.
Assembly Version Resource Information
<system.diagnostics> <trace autoflush="true" indentsize="0"> <listeners> <remove name="Default" /> </listeners> </trace> </system.diagnostics> </configuration> The add element has two required attributes. The name attribute is a string that specifies the name of the TraceListener object as it is placed into the TraceListener.Name property. The second attribute, type, is the one that's confusing, and I'll explain why. The documentation shows only adding a type that is in the global assembly cache (GAC) and hints that adding your own trace listeners is much harder than it needs to be. The one optional attribute, initializeData, is the string passed to the constructor of the TraceListener object. To add a TraceListener object that's in the GAC, the type element specifies only the complete class of the TraceListener object. The documentation indicates that to add a TraceListener object that's not in the GAC, you'll have to plug in a whole bunch of stuff like culture and public key tokens. Fortunately, all you need to do is simply specify the complete class, a comma, and the name of the assembly. That's what causes the System.Configuration. ConfigurationException to be thrown, so don't include the comma and class name. The following shows the proper way of adding the global TextWriterTraceListener class: < xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" > <configuration> <system.diagnostics> <trace autoflush="true" indentsize="0"> <listeners> <add name="CorrectWay" type="System.Diagnostics.TextWriterTraceListener" initializeData="TextLog.log"/> </listeners> </trace> </system.diagnostics> </configuration> To add those TraceListener objects that don't reside in the GAC, the assembly containing the TraceListener derived class must reside in the same directory as the binary. I tried every possible path combination and configuration setting option, and I found that there's no way to force the configuration file to include an assembly from a different directory. When adding the derived TraceListener object, you do add the comma followed by the name of the assembly. The following shows how to add BugslayerTextWriterTraceListener from BugslayerUtil.NET.DLL:
All editions of Windows Vista include a capable Backup program that s much easier to use than its Windows XP counterpart. Business versions include the CompletePC Backup feature. The System Restore feature is spiffed up but essentially unchanged from its Windows XP incarnation. But the Volume Snapshot Service that powers System Restore has been pressed into double duty with the prosaically named but amazingly useful Previous Versions feature. Maybe a better name would be Universal Undo: The Volume Snapshot Service keeps track of changes automatically as you work with data files. If you need to undo a change or recover an earlier version of any data file on a protected drive, click Properties on the shortcut menu, select an entry from the list on the Previous Versions tab, and click Restore.
Compute-Bound Asynchronous Operations
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