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Part III Processes
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Also be aware that a type s Finalize method is called even if the type s instance constructor throws an exception. So your Finalize method shouldn t assume that the object is in a good, consistent state. The following code demonstrates.
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In the SBS Console, click Backup And Server Storage, highlight the server to change, choose Change Backup Schedule to open the Server Backup Properties dialog box, and then follow these steps:
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Con guring and Managing E-Mail
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if (reader[i] == "Sales Representative") reader[i] = "Sales Force"; row[i] = reader[i].ToString(); } dt.Rows.Add(row); } while (reader.Read()); // Persist changes and move ahead
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<MediaElement Source="balls.wmv" Height="200" Width="200" Stretch="Fill" > <MediaElement.Clip> <EllipseGeometry RadiusX="100" RadiusY="75" Center="100,75"/> </MediaElement.Clip> </MediaElement>
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Adding Graphics to the Explanation Slides
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1. Click the Office Button, followed by Customize . 2. In the Choose commands from dialog box, select the All Commands option to obtain a complete, alphabetically arranged overview of each command button, which you can transfer to the toolbar . Alphabetically choose a command that you want to be a component of the toolbar and then click the Add button . This transfers the command to the picklist on the right . You don t have to worry about a logical or an ergonomic layout yet because you ll be able to change the positions as you wish later . Keep doing this until you have compiled your required set of commands . Also remember to add some separators so that you ll be able to create clearly arranged groupings in the toolbar at a later stage . (Separators are vertical lines . The <Separator> entry is located at the very top of the alphabetical list .) 3. Now select the transferred command buttons or separators one by one and move them to the required position using the two arrow buttons . 4. If you want to remove a command button or separator, select it from the dialog box list on the right and click the Remove button .
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Set audit policy. Review SACLs. Set SACLs.
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Handling Events and Managing State
Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Programming
15. After you add the field to the query, click OK. You might be prompted for the @CRM_CustomerID parameter. Click OK. Click the Save button on the Visual Studio 2008 toolbar. 16. Now that the report query results include the No. of Employees field, you can add that field to the report in the Layout section. In the Design tab, click the text box that contains Ownership. 17. In the table outline, right-click the icon with the three horizontal lines next to Ownership, and then click Insert Row Below to insert a new row between Ownership and Ticker Symbol. 18. Click the text box under Ownership and type No. of Employees:. Click the box to the right of the No. of Employees field, and click the field list icon that displays in the upper-right corner of the field when you rest the mouse over the box. Select numberofemployees.
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Open the Windows SBS console, select Users And Groups, and then select User Roles. In the Tasks pane, select Add A New User Role to start the wizard. In the Add A New User Role page (Figure 9-6), enter a User Role Name and a Description. By default, the new user role is set to be based on the existing Standard User role. Clear the check box if you want to start from scratch, or choose another user role to base the new role on.
FIGURE 3-10 Act II makes sure that you present the correct priority and sequence of slides to
How Process Priority Class and Relative Thread Priorities Map to Priority
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