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10. Run the application. You will see that the current directory is set to \, and that the three directories and the file you created at the root level are displayed in the ListBox controls, as shown in Figure 8-6.
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Like before, replace the anchor date if you need to handle a different weekday . For example, Tuesday:
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SELECT doc.query(' declare namespace VI="http://schemas.microsoft.com/visio/2003/core"; for $v in /VI:VisioDocument/VI:DocumentProperties return element Person { attribute creatorname {$v/VI:Creator[1]/text()[1]} }') FROM dbo.VisioDocs;
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Interestingly, in SQL Server 2008, you can cast a date and time column to DATE, and still be able to rely on index ordering, as in the following query:
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Notice that the file contains the setting to set debug to true. This turns on debugging for the website.
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Part II Designing Types
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The C# foreach statement iterates through the elements of a collection. For the purpose of the foreach statement, a collection is
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Figure B-6 shows an XML map created from the message.xsd schema. The map doesn t need to include all the fields in the schema, only the fields you want to display in Excel. You create the labels in Excel, so you don t need to use the XML field names. For example, the TO and FROM fields in the XML file are labeled Recipient and Sender in Figure B-6.
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Navigation pane The optional Navigation pane, which appears at the left side of the Windows Explorer display, hosts a set of Favorite Links that provide instant access to particular folders. Windows provides some by default; you can add and subtract from this list as needed. The Navigation pane can also display the Folders list, a navigable outline of your folder structure. Details pane Running across the bottom of the window, the Details pane displays properties for the selected item. With many file types, you can add your own tags here, and you can use these tags in searches. Display of the Details pane is optional. Preview pane As its name suggests, the Preview pane lets you view the contents of a file without opening it. Its appearance and behavior vary, depending on what kind of file is selected. When a file containing text is selected (as in Figure 7-1), the Preview pane lets you read some or all of that text. Select an Excel workbook, and the Preview pane provides a navigable, read-only spreadsheet. Select a media item, and, as Figure 7-2 shows, you get a miniature player. The Preview pane is optional.
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Understanding Location Types
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This structure is populated at run time using the following code, which uses site map information:
terminating a user session and expiring the token
6. 7.
Hibernate specifies how each object state is retrieved and stored in the database via an XML configuration file. Hibernate mappings are loaded at startup and are cached in the SessionFactory. Each mapping specifies a variety of parameters related to the persistence lifecycle of instances of the mapped class such as: Primary key mapping and generation scheme Object-field-to-table-column mappings Associations/Collections Caching settings Custom SQL, store procedure calls, filters, parameterized queries, and more
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