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Notice the commented second OUTPUT clause in the code, which isn t followed by an INTO clause. Uncomment it if you also want to send the output to the caller; you will have two OUTPUT clauses in the INSERT statement.
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The property that contains the parameter string that was passed to the logger. If true, then a summary of errors and warnings will be passed to the logger. If true, then the log message stating that a project that is beginning to build is not passed to the logger. Determines the amount of detail that should be contained in the log. Possible values; quiet (q), minimal (m), normal (n), detailed (d), and diagnostic (diag). The delegate that will be called to physically write log statements. In custom implementations that are not logging to the console, you will need to override this property.
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VPN Deployment
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-- "Regular" history ELSE INSERT INTO Production.SuppliersNames_During (supplierid, companyname, during) SELECT supplierid, companyname, @intv FROM deleted; END; GO
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10 . . Configure the control to use SqlDataSource1 that you just added:
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The following exercises will help you to better understand the concepts described in this chapter. The answers are presented in Appendix D. 1. 2. 3. Listing 7-5 defines the constraint E_SALES_CHK in a rather cryptic way. Formulate the same constraint without using DECODE and NVL2. Why do you think the constraint E_DEPT_FK (in Listing 7-7) is created with a separate ALTER TABLE command Although this is not covered in this chapter, try to come up with an explanation of the following phenomenon: when using sequences, you cannot use the pseudo column CURRVAL in your session without first calling the pseudo column NEXTVAL: SQL> select deptno_seq.currval from dual; select deptno_seq.currval from dual * ERROR at line 1: ORA-08002: sequence DEPTNO_SEQ.CURRVAL is not yet defined in this session SQL> 4. 5. 6. Why is it better to use sequences in a multiuser environment, as opposed to maintaining a secondary table with the last/current sequence values How is it possible that the EVALUATION column of the REGISTRATIONS table accepts null values, in spite of the constraint R_EVAL_CHK (see Listing 7-11) If you define a PRIMARY KEY or UNIQUE constraint, the Oracle DBMS normally creates a unique index under the covers (if none of the existing indexes can be used) to check the constraint. Investigate and explain what happens if you define such a constraint as DEFERRABLE. You can use function-based indexes to implement conditional uniqueness constraints. Create a unique function-based index on the REGISTRATIONS table to check the following constraint: employees are allowed to attend the OAU course only once. They may attend other courses as many times as they like. Test your solution with the following command (it should fail): SQL> insert into registrations values (7900,'OAU',trunc(sysdate),null); Hint: You can use a CASE expression in the index expression.
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Tells you the average number of items in stock. Counts how many different sizes are available. Counts how many different parts each component has. Identifies the largest quantity of any one item in stock. Because there is an odd number of values, it returns the middle value. If there were an even number, it would average to the two middle values. Identifies the smallest quantity of any one item in stock. Identifies the most frequently recurring value. If no value repeats, it returns #N/A. Tells you the amount of variance in the numbers of items in stock, by size. A large number might be an indication that you need to sell off some stock.
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Figure 11-2 Server Core is a stripped-down version of Windows Server that supports only a subset of the roles.
FIGURE 10-20 Build Details: Result details
The CLR distinguishes between managed and unmanaged data types. A compiler error will occur if pointers or unsafe operators are used to reference managed types. Managed types include all reference types and any struct that contains or inherits a reference-type field. Unmanaged types include the following:
The multivalued subquery in bold is in charge of returning customer IDs of customers who placed orders. Like scalar subqueries, multivalued subqueries can be correlated. You can use a table-valued subquery, or table expression, where a table is expected. For example, the following query returns the maximum order ID for each order year:
using System; using System.IO; class App { static void Main() { // Create the bytes to write to the temporary file. Byte[] bytesToWrite = new Byte[] { 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 }; // Create the temporary file. FileStream fs = new FileStream("Temp.dat", FileMode.Create); // Write the bytes to the temporary file. fs.Write(bytesToWrite, 0, bytesToWrite.Length); // Explicitly close the file when done writing to it. fs.Close(); // Delete the temporary file. File.Delete("Temp.dat"); // This always works now. } }
Figure 2-14 The yellow exclamation point oer the USB 2.0 Gigabit Adapter deice means you ll hae to manually locate and install a drier for this deice.
This solution assumes that the sequence of months has no gaps. If you don t have such assurance, you can use an auxiliary table that contains all month ranges that you need to cover and perform an outer join between the auxiliary table and MonthlyOrders. You can use the Nums table to produce the month ranges. Here s the complete solution code demonstrating the technique applied for a given tomonth range and number of months trailing:
ASP.NET does not provide a way to automatically compress view state data. However, if you enable dynamic HTTP compression by using GZip on your web server, the view state data will be compressed with the rest of the page. If you re determined to compress view state data without compressing the entire webpage, you can override the Page.SavePageStateToPersistenceMedium and Page.LoadPageStateFromPersistenceMedium methods, which serialize and deserialize view state data in each page. Within your overriding methods, use the System.IO.Compression.GZipStream to compress and decompress the view state data.
page by using its ID. If the control is added to a master page, you must use the ContentPlaceHolderID_ControlId naming convention.
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