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Compiling Source Code into Managed Modules
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Question sentence Question-word identi ed Question-word replaced by a ll-in-the-blank Blank lled in to produce the answer sentence Mathematical version of the question
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IPSec TM 3DES Future Proprietary; expired experimental status
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Figure 7-3. The Silverlight navigation application Contents 8. When the Add Reference dialog appears, be sure the .NET tab is selected and then browse through the list until you find System.Windows.Controls. Navigation, as shown in Figure 7-4. Select the entry and press OK to add the reference to the project.
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// Construct a StringBuilder to do string manipulations. StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder(); // Perform some string manipulations using the StringBuilder. sb.AppendFormat("{0} {1}", "Jeffrey", "Richter").Replace(" ", " "); // Convert the StringBuilder to a String in // order to uppercase all the characters. String s = sb.ToString().ToUpper(); // Clear the StringBuilder (allocates a new Char array). sb.Length = 0; // Load the uppercase String into the StringBuilder, // and do more manipulations. sb.Append(s).Insert(8, "Marc "); // Convert the StringBuilder back to a String. s = sb.ToString(); // Display the String to the user. Console.WriteLine(s); // "JEFFREY Marc RICHTER"
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In this section, we ll review the following:
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var o = new { property1 = expression1, ..., propertyN = expressionN };
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The most common file-related procedure is reading a file s data for use within a program. As you saw in 4, this is easily done: File.open("text.txt").each { |line| puts line } The File class s open method is used to open the text file, text.txt, and upon that File object, the each method returns each line one by one. You can also do it this way: File.new("text.txt", "r").each { |line| puts line } This method clarifies the process involved. By opening a file, you re creating a new File object that you can then use. The second parameter, "r", defines that you re opening the file for reading. This is the default mode, but when using File.new, it can help to clarify what you want to do with the file. This becomes important later when you write to files or create new ones from scratch. For opening and reading files, File.new and File.open appear identical, but they have different uses. File.open can accept a code block, and once the block is finished, the file will be closed automatically. However, File.new only returns a File object referring to the file. To close the file, you have to use its close method. Let s compare the two methods. First, look at File.open: File.open("text.txt") do |f| puts f.gets end This code opens text.txt and then passes the file handle into the code block as f. puts f.gets takes a line of data from the file and prints it to the screen. Now, have a look at the File.new approach: f = File.new("text.txt", "r") puts f.gets f.close In this example, a file handle/object is assigned to f directly. You close the file handle manually with the close method at the end. Both the code block and file handle techniques have their uses. Using a code block is a clean way to open a single file quickly and perform operations in a single location. However, assigning the File object with File.new (or File.open, if you choose) makes the file reference available throughout the entire current scope without needing to contain file manipulation code within a single block.
DECLARE @root AS INT = 3, @maxlevels AS INT = 2; WITH Subs AS ( SELECT empid, empname, 0 AS lvl FROM dbo.Employees WHERE empid = @root UNION ALL SELECT C.empid, C.empname, P.lvl + 1 FROM Subs AS P JOIN dbo.Employees AS C ON C.mgrid = P.empid ) SELECT * FROM Subs WHERE lvl <= @maxlevels;
Correct Answers: B A. Incorrect: This counter indicates the total number of successful incremental zone transfers received by a secondary DNS server. In this scenario, the sus pected replication problem is between domain controllers hosting Active Directory integrated primary zones. The question does not mention secondary zones.
Case Scenario 1: Using the ASP.NET AJAX Extensions
Lesson Review . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11-79
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ASSERT ( !"LoadString IDS_DBGEVENTINIT failed!" ) ; return ( INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE ) ; } // The handle of the startup acknowledgment that this function // will wait on until the debug thread gets started HANDLE hStartAck = NULL ; // Create the startup acknowledgment event. hStartAck = CreateEvent ( NULL TRUE FALSE signaled szStartAck ) ; // Event name ASSERT ( NULL != hStartAck ) ; if ( NULL == hStartAck ) { return ( INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE ) ; } // Bundle up the parameters. THREADPARAMS stParams ; stParams.lpPID = lpPID ; stParams.pUserClass = pUserClass ; stParams.szDebuggee = szDebuggee ; stParams.szCmdLine = szCmdLine ; , , , // Default security // Manual-reset event // Initial state=Not
4 . . Add two string member variables to the HyperLinkWebPart class one to represent the display name of the Web Part and the other to represent the actual URL . Initialize them with reasonable values:
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