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Printing Quick Response Code in .NET Part IV

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actually conceived way back in 1997 by Ray Ozzie, now a CTO with Microsoft. At the time, Ray and the Groove development team realized that the workplace was changing from a purely centralized environment to more of a decentralized environment. A number of trends were fueling this change such as outsourcing, partnering, telework, an increase in travel, and a general desire to tighten
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Preshared keys are not secure because they are passed over the network in plaintext. However, they are a good way to test the functionality of an IPSec connection. You can also use preshared keys as a means to obtain computer certificates while your PKI is being deployed. When IPSec is based on a PKI using certificates instead of preshared keys, the encryption is considered more secure than that of PPTP-type VPN connections.
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Search for assembly in AppBase
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Implementing, Managing, and Maintaining Routing And Remote Access (4.0)
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Figure 2-28. Opening a SQL editor In the editor you can type any valid SQL statement and execute it against the database by clicking the Execute button on the far left of the view s toolbar as shown in Figure 2-29.
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as easily used Qt Mobility s own code to do the calculation. Then the entire item view s HTML is built up using a single template that has a (currently unused) JavaScript initialization, heading, USGS-provided description, our computed distance, and the HTML and JavaScript for the back button, which looks like this:
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FIGURE .9-5 . The optional login page before an authenticated user logs in .
INSERT INTO dbo.Customers(custid, companyname, phone, address) VALUES (1, 'cust 1', '(111) 111-1111', 'address 1'), (2, 'cust 2', '(222) 222-2222', 'address 2'), (3, 'cust 3', '(333) 333-3333', 'address 3'), (4, 'cust 4', '(444) 444-4444', 'address 4'), (5, 'cust 5', '(555) 555-5555', 'address 5');
LISTING 7-2 Query obtaining aggregates with a cross join
Next abbreviate your Call to Action headline to read Solve the DNA puzzle, as shown on the upper left in Figure 9-30. Search for the term custom puzzle on the Web, and you ll nd many companies that will create a custom jigsaw puzzle using your DNA photograph for as little as $11. If you have the budget, buy one, and now while you present the Call to Action slide as you relate the hidden headline Solve the DNA puzzle in three steps, hand out the actual pieces of the custom DNA puzzle to the students so that they literally hold the motif in their hands. Tell your students that they now hold in their hands the puzzle they will solve, and ask them for their thoughts about how they think they can solve it.
In the remainder of this chapter, we ll show you in more detail how you can use the features of the Validation block you have seen in previous sections. In this section, we cover three topics that you should be familiar with when you start to use the block in your applications: preparing your application to use the block, choosing a suitable approach for validation, the options available for creating validators, accessing and displaying validation errors, and understanding how you can use template tokens in validation messages. To use the Validation block, you must reference the required assemblies. In addition to the assemblies required in every application that uses Enterprise Library (listed in 1, Introduction ), you require the main Validation block assembly, Microsoft.Practices. EnterpriseLibrary.Validation.dll. If you intend to use the integration features for ASP. NET, Windows Forms, WPF, or WCF, you must also reference the relevant assembly that contains these features. Then you can edit your code to specify the namespaces used by the Validation block and, optionally, the integration features if you need to integrate with WCF or a UI technology. If you are using WCF integration, you should add a reference to the System.Service Model namespace.
// Create the object instance to encrypt. Product sampleObject = new Product(42, "Fun Thing", "Something to keep the grandchildren quiet."); // Use the Rijndael Symmetric Algorithm Provider. // Must serialize the object to a byte array first. One easy way is to use // the methods of the SerializationUtility class from the Caching block. byte[] serializedObject = SerializationUtility.ToBytes(sampleObject); // The overload of the EncryptSymmetric method that takes a // byte array returns the result as a byte array. byte[] encrypted = defaultCrypto.EncryptSymmetric("RijndaelManaged", serializedObject); // Now decrypt the result byte array and de-serialize the // result to get the original object. byte[] decrypted = defaultCrypto.DecryptSymmetric("RijndaelManaged", encrypted); Product decryptedObject = (Product) SerializationUtility.ToObject(decrypted); // Destroy any in-memory variables that hold sensitive information. Array.Clear(encrypted, 0, encrypted.Length); Array.Clear(decrypted, 0, decrypted.Length); Array.Clear(serializedObject, 0, serializedObject.Length); decryptedObject = null;
internal struct // Below are public const public const public const public const public const Color : System.Enum { public constants defining Color's symbols and values Color White = (Color) 0; Color Red = (Color) 1; Color Green = (Color) 2; Color Blue = (Color) 3; Color Orange = (Color) 4;
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