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Attach QR in .NET Part IV

Receiving Payments Using PayPal
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BBP helps you use PowerPoint in a way that gives you more than just an effective in-person presentation. As described in 2, using the conventional approach can torpedo interpersonal dynamics and produce PowerPoint les that neither work well for in-person presentations nor work well as stand-alone documents. Instead, aligning with the dual-channels theory allows you to use PowerPoint in a way that produces both an effective presentation and an effective printed handout, as shown in Figure 3-23. Looking at Notes Page view on the left, the on-screen slide area contains a headline and a simple graphic, while the off-screen notes area captures what is spoken aloud by the presenter. Keeping the narration off the screen creates effective slides (upper right), along with effective handouts (lower right). When you distribute the PowerPoint le to people who were not present for the live presentation of visuals and narration, you send the notes pages, not the slides. You can print out the notes pages to create a physical copy or create a PDF version that you can distribute electronically. Using Notes Page view taps into the unique value PowerPoint offers you as a communications tool, because no other tool can produce a single le that works effectively like this on a screen, on a piece of paper, and even online.
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A. Correct: The DataContract attribute class indicates that your class can be serialized
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VPN1 Hub Internet network segment
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CHAPTER 2: Designing Your Application
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Imports System Public Class VBApp Public Shared Sub Main() Construct an instance of the CSharpType.
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Controlling the Logical Join Evaluation Order
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If you can imagine a bounce effect like the one demonstrated earlier, where a value is animated from 0 to 100 with a Bounce ease, the following will happen: EaseIn will start the value at 0 and move toward 100. Before it gets there, it will turn back and head toward 0 again. Before it reaches 0, it will turn and head toward 100, repeating this several times until it gets to 100. EaseOut will start the value at 0 and move past 100 before turning around and moving back to 100. It will go past 0 again, turning again and moving back toward 100. It repeats this overshooting and bouncing back a few times, based on your configuration, before it reaches 100. EaseInOut is a strange combination of the two, where the value bounces both at the beginning and at the end.
Filling a Web Forms page is easy, too. You drag and drop controls from the toolbox onto the form, move elements around, and configure their properties. If you need to, you can switch to the Source view and manually type the HTML markup the way you want it to be. A pleasant surprise for many developers is that you can drag and drop controls from the toolbox directly into the Source
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FigURE 8-26 Using the Copy Web tool to synchronize two websites.
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