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With tasks, it is also possible to wait for them to complete and then get their result . Let s say that we have a Sum method that is computationally intensive if n is a large value:
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In the beginning, there were no testers at Microsoft, no localization engineers, no program managers, and no usability engineers. In the beginning, there were just engineers; oh, and sales and marketing. 1, "Software Engineering at Microsoft," introduced the 10 different engineering disciplines Microsoft uses today to organize and develop our engineering workforce. Even before we began to break out different engineering disciplines there were a few different titles, such as product support for shipped products. Positions like these were seen as a role for an engineer rather than a different career path. During these early days, all engineers had the same title and one common career path. Of course, in these early days Microsoft had less than 50 employees, software wasn't even really an industry, and Microsoft was not yet a public company. The move to supporting separate disciplines with distinct career paths has taken quite a while to evolve. Program Management and Usability are two of the older disciplines at Microsoft. Around 1990, the Usability discipline, engineers that work to make our software easy to use for real-world users, became a formal role and eventually a recognized discipline. Usability formed largely because of such features as the Microsoft Office Word mail merge (think snail mail and printing out form letters or stick-on labels) that just didn't seem to work for the average person. Some customers might argue that we are still working to make mail merge easy to use, but that story is better suited for a book on how we design software at Microsoft. Shortly after the creation of the software development position, the software tester position broke off as the second distinct discipline. As the story goes, the first-ever tester at Microsoft was a young high school intern by the name of Lloyd Frink, who started in June 1979. The Microsoft Archive team places the hiring of the first full-time tester to be 1983 followed by a wave of testers hired in 1985, as illustrated in Figure 2-1. Test as a separate standard title with a fully articulated career path did not show up until the late 1980s.
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14. On the Automatic Proxy Configuration page, click Next.
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Two types of computer naming systems exist in Windows Server 2003 networks: DNS and NetBIOS. To resolve computer names, the DNS Client service in Win dows Server 2003 always attempts DNS name resolution before NetBIOS name resolution. DNS names and the DNS protocol are required for Active Directory domains and for compatibility with the Internet or intranets. DNS host names cannot exceed 63 bytes. The DNS namespace is hierarchical and is based on a unique root that can have any number of subdomains. An FQDN is a name of a DNS host in this namespace that indicates the host s location relative to the root of the DNS domain tree. An example of an FQDN is A DNS zone is a contiguous portion of a namespace for which a server is author itative. A server can be authoritative for one or more zones, and a zone can con tain one or more contiguous domains. A DNS server is authoritative for a zone if it hosts the zone, either as a primary or secondary DNS server. Each DNS zone contains the resource records it needs to answer queries for its portion of the DNS namespace. The DNS Client service (or resolver) first attempts to resolve computer names by using locally cached information. If this process is unsuccessful, the resolver que ries a DNS server. If the DNS server cannot resolve the name through its authori tative records or through its local cache, the DNS server performs recursion to resolve the name on behalf of the client. Recursion is the process of a DNS server querying other servers on behalf of a DNS client. For the DNS server to perform recursion properly, the server needs to know where to begin searching for names in the DNS domain namespace. This information is provided by the root hints file, Cache.dns, that is stored on the server computer.
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Disk Management
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// obtain an InvokePattern object, and use it to click a button // NOTE: error checking removed for brevity private void InvokeControl(AutomationElement targetControl) { InvokePattern invokePattern = targetControl.GetCurrentPattern(InvokePattern.Pattern) as InvokePattern } invokePattern.Invoke();
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Figure 1-5 Readily installable services
Appendix A
By default, Parental Controls uses the game rating system established by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB), which has been widely adopted by publishers of games sold in the United States. To use a different rating system, return to the main
public static void Swap(ref Object a, ref Object b) { Object t = b; b = a; a = t; }
Preparing and Producing Professional Results
You cannot modify a stub zone s resource records. Any changes you want to make to these records in a stub zone must be made in the original primary zone from which the stub zone is derived. To add a stub zone, complete the following steps: 1. Open the DNS console. 2. In the console tree, right-click a DNS server, and then select New Zone to open the New Zone Wizard. 3. Follow the instructions to create a new stub zone.
deallocate it inside the object s destructor. A routine that allocates memory and then expects its client code to deallocate the memory manually creates an inconsistency that is ripe for error.
The number of log records is far lower than the number of rows inserted because only changes in allocation bitmaps (GAM, SGAM, PFS, IAM) were recorded in the log . Also, the total size recorded in the log is very small . Next, I used the following code to test an INSERT SELECT against a table variable populating it with the same sample data used in the SELECT INTO test:
using using using using System; System.Runtime.Remoting; System.Runtime.Remoting.Channels; System.Runtime.Remoting.Channels.Http;
Figure 2-11
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