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Network redundancy
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Figure 5 1. The typical appearance of Qt applications on mobile devices
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Phase One: IPSec Computer Authentication Mutual computer authentication of the VPN client and the VPN server is performed when you establish an IPSec ESP security association (SA) through the exchange of computer, also known as machine , certificates. IPSec Main Mode and Quick Mode negotiation occur, and IPSec SAs are established with an agreed encryption algorithm, a hash algorithm, and encryption keys. To use L2TP over IPSec, a computer machine certificate must be installed on both the VPN client and the VPN server. Phase Two: L2TP User-Level Authentication Now that the IPSec tunnel is established and everything is happening in an encrypted mode, the user attempting the L2TP connection is authenticated using PPP-based user authentication protocols such as EAP, MS-CHAP, CHAP, and PAP. Because IPSec encrypts the PPP connection establishment process, any PPP authentication method can be used even PAP, which passes information in the clear, is now protected by IPSec. However, the use of MS-CHAP v2 or EAP-TLS is highly recommended because they provide mutual authentication. Since a certificate infrastructure was already required to provision the machine certificates, it should be simple to provision user certificates as well via auto-enrollment of Windows Server 2003 Active Directory and thus allow for the higher level of authentication with certificates.
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thus resulting in integer division without first converting the numbers to floating point numbers to gain accurate division (recall from 2 that 10 / 3 == 3, but 10.0 / 3 == 3.3333333333333). In this case, integer division is fine, as it makes little sense to say that there are, say, 2.8 sentences per paragraph on average it s nicer just to see 3. pdf417
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14 rows selected. INSERT INTO dept_emp_names Example 2 (SELECT * FROM dept_emp_names
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TABLE 12-6
Making Headlines Beyond Bullet Points
Part IV
All authenticated users All members of the SOUTHRIDGE\IT group All members of the SOUTHRIDGE\Production group plus the SOUTHRIDGE\TJensen user account All authenticated users Only the SOUTHRIDGE\TJensen user account
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Engaging Students with The Class
The Advanced tab of the printer s properties dialog box, shown in Figure 13-11, includes a number of options that are both intriguing and confusing. Making changes to these options requires Manage Printers permission.
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More Than Numbers
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