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Notice that instead of using a BETWEEN predicate to determine whether a session was active at a certain point in time (ts), I used ts >= starttime AND ts < endtime . If a session ends at the ts point in time, I don t want to consider it as active . The execution plan for this query is shown in Figure 8-3 . Note that I captured this plan after populating the Sales table with a more realistic volume of data . With very little data you might get a different plan .
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You should actually take a moment to read this display before you click Finish. Make sure you ve wheeled the right patient into the operating room before you hand him or her off to the surgeon. After Disk Management has done its work and the disk formatting is complete, a dark blue bar appears over the new volume in the console s lower pane:
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shopping_cart_save_product_for_later saves a product to a shopping cart for later purchase. shopping_cart_move_product_to_cart moves a product from the Save for Later list back to the main shopping cart. Now let s create each method one at a time in the following exercise.
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Are pointer operations isolated in routines Are pointer references valid, or could the pointer be dangling Does the code check pointers for validity before using them Is the variable that the pointer references checked for validity before it s used
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Figure 6-8: Installing just the remote debugging portion of Visual Studio .NET The whole key to remote debugging is ensuring your account is in the Debugger Users group on the remote machine. Of course, to be able to add users to the Debugger Users group, you must be a member of the Administrators group on that machine. The most common problem I've seen with setting up remote debugging is forgetting to add your account to the Debugger Users group on the remote machine. Common Debugging Question: When debugging XML Web services, I get exceptions indicating the operation has timed out. What can I do This can be a very common error when debugging XML Web services. Either in your code or in the Watch window, set the TimeOut property on the XML Web service object to -1 to indicate infinite timeout. ILDASM and Microsoft Intermediate Language When I first started playing with .NET several years ago, I wrote the usual "Hello World!" program and immediately wanted to see how it all worked under the covers. I had quite the shock when I realized that .NET was essentially a whole new development environment! When learning a new environment, I like to get down to the simplest operation and start working my way up so that I can see how it all fits together. For example, when I was making my transition from MS-DOS to Microsoft Windows 3.0 (wow, am I getting old!), whenever I got a little confused about what was going on, I took a peek at the assembly language the CPU was executing so that I could get a clue. The beautiful thing about assembly language (also known as unambiguous mode) is that it never lies. I was able to continue using this technique until I started moving to .NET, at which point my world became a little topsy-turvy. I lost my assembly-language crutch! I could look at the Intel assembly language in the debuggers, but it didn't help much. I was seeing quite a bit more assembly language that called through allocated addresses and 220
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Add a DropDownList control named SitePrefDropDownList. and Colorful, and assign them the values Professional and Colorful. You can do so by clicking the smart tag in Design view and choosing Edit Items. This will launch the ListItem Collection Editor.
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Challenge-Handshake Authentication Protocol (CHAP) CHAP is an
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Placing sliding expirations
You should also verify that the second solution does not add to the number of storage transactions that your application needs to perform when it processes or uses the saved data.
Customer Seeks out impact customer feedback by means of PSS and other channels to clarify features and write test cases Test impact
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text files, and you can easily import these into database, spreadsheet, or even word processing programs.
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Log on to the server with the main Administrator account. Open Server Management console if it doesn t open automatically.
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