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Lesson Summary . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9-44
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TargetSite is the Web page you want to link to, and LinkedText is the text that viewers can click to access the link. Target= _blank opens the link in a new browser window. For example, if you have an HTML file in your presentation that you want to link to the Microsoft Web site and open the site in a new browser window, the link would contain the following script.
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One of the parameters to one of the Insert overloaded methods is a callback delegate so that ASP .NET can tell you that something s been removed from the cache . To receive callbacks, you simply need to implement a method that matches the signature, wrap it in a delegate, and then pass it when calling the Insert method . When the object is removed, ASP .NET will call the method you supply . The next example illustrates setting up a removal callback function .
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Page 196 if you click Insert and embed the image into the slide, the image will be correctly displayed in your final Producer presentation.
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Another important difference between the DataGrid and GridView controls is that the adaptive rendering engine of Visual Studio 2005 server controls enables the GridView to adapt its HTML output to the characteristics of the browser (with special attention paid to mobile devices). Because of their limited screen size, mobile devices often require that the control reorganize the output to make it fit. For devices with small screens, the GridView shows only a single record per page and provides additional links to move between records. The initial screen displays only a single column of data defined by the SummaryViewColumn property. The DetailLink item represents the link to the rest of the current record.
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Mike Snell
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FIGURE 19-1 Viewing assigned IP addresses
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Netdiag /test:ipsec command
Downloading the Joomla! CMS
Data Access
// Load our assembly into the new AppDomain, construct an object, marshal // it back to our AD (we really get a reference to a proxy) mbrt = (MarshalByRefType) ad2.CreateInstanceAndUnwrap(exeAssembly, MarshalByRefType ); Console.WriteLine( Type={0} , mbrt.GetType()); // The CLR lies about the type
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