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3 Working with Web Parts
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Exercise 1: Create the Console: Apply Default Templates barcode generator open source
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Local System
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But just the same, you might get the output shown in Table 8-3.
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You ll often want to rotate an object to achieve a particular display effect . You basically have two options for rotating an object . In the context of Figure 5-6:
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Lesson Review . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10-67 generate data matrix barcode
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Note Don t worry about this too much, but for completeness, even though http://[hostname]/ [controller]/[action] is a default, it can be superseded. As entries has been created as a scaffolded resource, you can also use http://[hostname]/entries/[id] as an alternative to http://[hostname]/ entries/show/[id], since routes have been automatically created to route requests to certain methods
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By using this syntax (defining the brush as an attached Stroke property), you can specify different types of brushes to draw the shape s stroke. Following is an example of using a LinearGradientBrush to paint the rectangle s stroke:
In 2 we learned how to get the Eclipse IDE installed and configured. Now that we have an Ant buildfile it will be ideal if we can achieve harmony between the command line and the IDE. Luckily for us, Eclipse ships with powerful Ant integration. Eclipse provides a great Ant XML editor with syntax highlighting, code completion, flyover evaluation of Ant elements, as well as immediate visual feedback about the validity of your buildfile. For the TechConf application to work seamlessly, you can create an Ant Builder, which is a facility provided by Eclipse's external tools framework for Ant integration. An Ant Builder can be configured to run at specific times. For example, in my environment I configured the Ant build to run when a manual build is invoked or when the project Clean option is selected.
Try this in helloworld.cpp, just after the call to ui ->setupUi(this). (You may need to compile your application first, if you re relying on name completion in the source editor.) At this point, it s worth a quick compile-build cycle, just to see what you ve created. Click the green Run button (the green arrow) at the bottom of the left-hand pane, and the IDE will compile your application and start it in the Qt simulator (Figure 3 8).
11. The Power of Variable Names
Figure 8-7
runtime (CLR), which has a deep understanding of CLR data types and can serialize all the public, protected, internal, and even private fields of an object to a compressed binary stream for high performance . See the System.Runtime.Serialization.NetDataContractSerializer class if you wish to serialize CLR data types to an XML stream . The .NET Framework also offers other serialization technologies that are designed more for interoperating between CLR data types and non-CLR data types . These other serialization technologies use the System. Xml.Serialization.XmlSerializer class and the System.Runtime.Serialization. DataContractSerializer class .
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