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Generating QR Code in .NET Part IV

As you saw in basic HTML Web Forms, developing a Web-based UI is all about getting the right tags out to the browser . For example, imagine you want to have your application s UI appear in the client s browser as shown in Figure 3-1 . Getting this to appear in a client s browser means populating an HTML stream with the correct tags so that the browser renders the screen using client-side controls . Listing 3-1 shows some HTML that does the job . If you would like to run this page, the file is named BunchOfControls .htm and is included in the sample code for this chapter . To run the page, save the file in a virtual directory and browse to it .
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FIGURE 5-10 IEventSource interface
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Caution Because you have a sequence in place, it s better to let it generate the department IDs, rather
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Here s the XAML:
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Once FileZilla Server is installed and configured, you should be able to access your own site through any basic FTP program (including the free FileZilla client). Both Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 and above have built-in FTP clients. You can use these to test the configuration of the FTP server and make certain that the Easy Gallery user you created has access to the web directories.
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Uploading Files data matrix code
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Creating and Watching Moies and DVDs
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service dependency A relationship between services in which one service requires that other services are started before it can start.
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1, "Introduction to Microsoft .NET," presented a high-level introduction to Microsoft .NET, comparing it both conceptually and technologically with Java. This chapter extends that discussion but focuses more deeply on the technology provided by the two platforms.
LiSTing 16-8 Finish the inventory endpoint
could make this work, the C# team thought that the compiler would be doing too much for you here . It would be inferring the type of the array, new ing the array, initializing the array, and inferring the type of the local variable, too . The last thing I d like to show you is how to use implicitly typed arrays with anonymous types and implicitly typed local variables . Anonymous types and how type identity applies to them are discussed in 10, Properties . Examine the code below:
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