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Manager Type Object Type object ptr Sync block index Static fields GenProgressReport Employee Type Object Type object ptr Sync block index Static fields GetYearsEmployed GenProgressReport Lookup
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Configuring DNS Server Properties
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Using and Customizing Microsoft Management Console . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1051
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In relation to the possible rotations each of which can be corrected later in every detail the graphical specifications are self-explanatory . However, when making your selection, you should keep in mind that three-dimensionality resulting from the options provided in the Parallel category is largely of geometrical interest (engineering drawings, and so on) . The extruded area isn t resized in this case, so a realistic-looking tapering off of the simulated body into the background does not occur . However, this can be achieved when you select specifications from the Perspective category . When you click the 3-D Rotation Options command, you ll see the formatting dialog box, where you ll now find a wide choice of fine-adjustment settings and modification options .
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You need to modify both the Excel list and the Tasks list so that the data can be copied and pasted. This type of preparation is often necessary when you re creating a new SharePoint
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Scroll down the System Variables list until you see the Path variable shown in Figure 3-11. Click the Edit button to display the Edit Variable box. Most likely the Path variable is already very long. Use the down arrow key to reach the end (or press the End key). You ll need to add a semicolon (;) character and then enter the full PHP directory path. Once you ve entered the path, click the OK button to accept the setting. Click the OK on the Environment Variables window, and then click OK on the System Properties window. This new Path variable setting will not be active until you reboot your machine do that now, so you can test PHP on the Apache server. After the server has restarted, skip to the Testing PHP section.
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Installing Ruby directly from source code on OS X is similar to Linux, so continue on to the later Linux section entitled Installing Ruby From Source Code. Please note that as opposed to the pre-installed Ruby distribution that includes many Ruby libraries (gems), including Rails, when you install Ruby by source, all you get is Ruby. You need to install components such as Rails separately later.
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In this section, we ll implement a full end-to-end scenario using SQL Server Auditing . Assume the following situation: We already provide limited access to the HR .Employees table . Appropriate permissions have been associated with the table to limit the users who can access it . An organizational requirement is that all access to any table in the HR schema must be audited, as must all login attempts (successful or not) to the system and logouts . Users might be required to justify any actions they perform on tables in this schema . When the application was run in SQL Server 2005, SQL Trace was used to capture all SQL commands executed against the database . This introduced a performance overhead on the database, and the output traces were not convenient to use . Although it was possible to filter the traces to limit them to the InsideTSQL2008 database, it was difficult to isolate access to tables in the HR schema from other database activity on the server .
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Adding a POP3 Account
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In-place precompilation allows a developer or a site administrator to access each page in the application as if it were being used by end users. This means each page is compiled as if for ordinary use. The site is fully compiled before entering production, and no user will experience a first-hit compilation delay, as in version 1.x. In-place precompilation takes place after the site is deployed, but before it goes public. Changes and extensions don t strictly require a full stop of the system. Files can be simply added or replaced, and users are served the new version upon next access. To avoid any delay in case of changes, you can precompile just the file that was modified by using the precompile.axd handler:
A Joomla template is a combination of three key elements: graphics, PHP/HTML code, and one or more style sheets. By methodically working through the process of creating a template, you will have a path to follow when you want to make a new template for your future needs. You can produce a new template by following these steps: 1. Choose a color scheme for the site. 2. Create style sheets that match the primary color scheme. 3. Choose a font scheme that flatters the content. 4. Create the banner graphic. 5. Create the index.php file. 6. Create the templateDetails.xml file. Once you have implemented your basic template, you can easily upgrade it in the future. Since all web pages in Joomla are generated dynamically, changes you make to the template will be reflected instantly on every web page of your site. Provided you stay within a few well-defined boundaries, just about any changes can be made to the template, and the web site will still function properly.
FIGURE 2-4 Running the Silverlight application from Expression Blend.
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Maintaining a Network Infrastructure (5.0)
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