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In a workgroup, there are limitations on sharing your computer s resources with the rest of the workgroup. At the simplest level, you can either share the resource or not share it. Beyond that, you can require a password for a particular level of access to the resource. This enables only a very limited ability to control access to the resource, and virtually none if your computer is physically accessible to anyone but yourself. Windows Small Business Server provides discretionary access control, which allows, for example, some users to create a document or make changes to an existing one while other users can only read the document and still other users can t even see it. You can set access for: An individual le or les within a directory The entire directory Windows Small Business Server lets you make selections as ne or as coarse as needed and makes the administration of security easy to manage.
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Alphanumeric, variable length, up to 25 characters Alphanumeric, fixed length, four characters Alphanumeric, larger than the maximum size of the VARCHAR2 datatype
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Most service-related processes run under an account other than your own and therefore aren t available when you attempt to use the Go To Process option . To view these processes, use the Show Processes From All Users option on the Processes tab in Task Manager before clicking Go To Process .
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By default, Windows 2000 remote access VPN clients have the Automatic Server Type option selected, which means that they try to establish an L2TP/ IPSec-based VPN connection first, and then they try a PPTP-based VPN connection. If either the PPTP or L2TP server type option is selected, verify that the VPN server supports the selected tunneling protocol.
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RECOMPILE query hint that might be worth noting, and it is regarding estimated execution plans . When the procedure is created with the RECOMPILE procedure option, there is no cached plan . Consequently, a new plan is generated when the estimated plan is requested . If the RECOMPILE query option is used, however, a plan is cached, as mentioned, and the RECOMPILE query option forces a recompile at run time, but not at estimated-plan-generation time . In other words, estimated and actual query plans may not match when statement-level OPTION (RECOMPILE) is present . They will match if the procedure-level RECOMPILE option is used instead .
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Note It should be noted that the FCL now includes a new set of generic collection classes
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CREATE TABLE #CustMax ( custid INT NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY, mx DATETIME NOT NULL ); INSERT INTO #CustMax(custid, mx) SELECT custid, MAX(orderdate) AS mx FROM Sales.Orders GROUP BY custid; SELECT O.orderid, O.orderdate, O.custid, O.empid FROM Sales.Orders AS O JOIN #CustMax AS M ON O.custid = M.custid AND O.orderdate =; DROP TABLE #CustMax;
window offers all sorts of formatting options so that you can view your data precisely the way you want to. The Watch window also lets you call functions in your program from the debugger. This feature allows you to create and use special debugging functions to automate your most tedious debugging tasks. Additionally, the ability to easily add your own type expansion and HRESULT values will save you many hours of debugging. Finally, the new EEAddIn model, where you can add your own custom display by having your DLLs called by the Watch window, opens up a whole new world of data display. Although native debugging can take advantage of the excellent DCOM remote debugging, the Pipes solution unique to native debugging has some excellent features. Remote Pipes debugging now allows you to start processes under the debugger on remote machines, which will come in extremely handy for those developers working on large client applications. Additionally, with Pipes debugging, you can attach and debug multiple processes on the remote machine. The second half of this chapter presented the Intel CPU assembly language that you need to know to survive in the Disassembly window. It started by covering the basics of Intel CPUs, such as setting registers and interpreting status flags, and then moved on to the instructions required to manipulate stacks, data, pointers, and strings; compare and test operands; and jump, branch, and loop, among other actions. After the assembly-language code were tips and tricks that will help you get the most out of debugging at the assemblylanguage level. Being able to read assembly language makes all the difference in the world when you're in the debugger trying to figure out why your program crashed. Despite the fact that some people try to avoid it like the plague, assembly language isn't that hard, and there's certainly nothing mysterious about it. The information in this chapter will give you the power to solve many nasty bugs that once stumped you.
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