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The .NET Framework supports the following symmetrical encryption algorithms:
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In this exercise, you enable debug logging for the DNS Server service. You then perform queries to generate log entries, stop the DNS Server service, and view the cap tured DNS messages in the Dns.log file using WordPad. 1. If you have not already done so, from Computer1, log on to Domain1 as Administrator. 2. Open the DNS console. 3. In the DNS console tree, right-click COMPUTER1, and then select Properties. The COMPUTER1 Properties dialog box opens.
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See the Code Samples section in the Introduction for important information on running the examples for this chapter .
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D. Incorrect: The Global.asax file is used to define application-wide events. It does not define
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Using Mix-Ins with Namespaces and Classes
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Listing 31-43. Java examples of indenting control-statement continuation lines.
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Allow Access). Or, if the user account has the Control Access Through Remote Access Policy option selected, the remote access permission of the matching remote access policy must have the Grant Remote Access Permission option selected.
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Objective 5.2: Troubleshoot Connectivity to the Internet 17-13
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Note PayPal and its competitors offer automated systems that inform your web site when a payment has
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Note: This functionality is not supported in Silverlight because the Silverlight security model does not allow you to load assemblies from the file system.
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What's Next for CrashFinder The first version of CrashFinder got the job done, but it needed some usability help that the fine folks I mentioned earlier and I added, which took care of many issues people had raised. However, tweaks and additions can always make CrashFinder even better and also more powerful. If you want to learn more about binary images, I encourage you to add some of the following features to CrashFinder: Set up the different operating system binaries and have CrashFinder automatically switch between the different versions to give you better control over finding crashes originating in operating system code. Right now CrashFinder just looks for the system DLLs you are running on your machine. Show more information in the tree control under each binary. The CBinaryImage class has the functionality to show more information after the symbol information through the GetAdditionalInfo method. You could add the ability to show information from the binary image, such as header information, imported functions, and exported functions. Allow pasting in of DLL lists to automatically add them to the project. The debugger Output window lists all the DLLs that an application loads. You could extend CrashFinder to allow the user to paste in the Output window text and have CrashFinder scan through the text looking for DLL names. Coordinate CrashFinder with any crash dumps you get from the field. CrashFinder could double-check the crash against the crash dump and see exactly what went wrong. Summary This chapter helped demystify the process of what you do to pinpoint the location of a crash when the only information you have is the crash address. The first technique for finding out the source file and line number of a particular crash is to refer to a MAP file. MAP files are the only textual representation of your symbols, and you should create them routinely for every release build of your application. The second technique for converting a crash address to a source file, function name, and line number is to use CrashFinder. The CrashFinder utility takes all the work out of making this conversion and allows others on your team to report as much information as possible when the application crashes on them. Although CrashFinder is easier to use than MAP files, you still need to get into the habit of creating MAP files because symbol file formats change and when they do, only your MAP files will save your soul when the ghost of applications past comes knocking at your door.
Using the Process Method The Process method has several overloads that make it easy to execute functions that return a value, and methods that do not. Typically, you will use the Process method in one of the following ways: To execute a routine or method that does not accept parameters and does not return a value:
Relations, Tuples and Types
abbrev can be useful if you have an input requirement with a number of guessable answers, as you can detect partially entered or erroneous entries more easily. For example: require 'abbrev' abbrevs = %w{Peter Paul Patricia Petal Pauline}.abbrev puts "Please enter your name:" name = gets.chomp if a = abbrevs.find { |a, n| a.downcase == name.downcase } puts "Did you mean #{a.join(' or ')} " name = gets.chomp end
x > y x < y x == y x >= y x <= y x <=> y x != y
Differences from XmlTextReader
3 . . Double-click one or two of the features to view their configuration screens . For example, click the Connection Strings icon to open the Connection Strings pane:
Correct Answer: B
These are simple spatial queries, but they emphasize the flexibility of SQL Server 2008 to solve interesting spatial problems . Additionally, they illustrate the use of the STDistance() method for solving queries traditionally done using buffers . Because buffers have to construct new spatial objects and STDistance does not, using STDistance can result in improved performance . Additionally, STDistance can make use of spatial indexes, further improving query performance .
Caution Leaving out column names is rather dangerous, because your INSERT statement may become invalid after nondestructive table modifications, such as adding columns. Column names also improve the readability of your SQL statements.
A component (an assembly in .NET) has the feeling of being published . A component has an identity (a name, version, culture, and public key) . A component forever maintains its identity (the code in an assembly is never statically linked into another assembly; .NET always uses dynamic linking) . A component clearly indicates the components it depends upon (reference metadata tables) . A component should document its classes and members . C# offers this by allowing in-source Extensible Markup Language (XML) documentation along with the compiler s /doc command-line switch . A component must specify the security permissions it requires . The CLR s code access security (CAS) facilities enable this . A component publishes an interface (object model) that won t change for any servicings . A servicing is a new version of a component whose intention is to be backward compatible with the original version of the component . Typically, a servicing version includes bug fixes, security patches, and possibly some small feature enhancements . But a servicing cannot require any new dependencies or any additional security permissions .
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