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This pointafter you have identified the main types of waits and resources involvedis a junction in the tuning process. Based on your discoveries thus far, you will determine a course of action for further investigation. In our case, we need to identify the causes of I/O, network-related waits, and transaction logrelated waits; then we will continue with a route based on our findings. But if the previous steps had identified blocking problems, compilation/recompilation problems, or others, you would need to proceed with a completely different course of action. Here I'll demonstrate tuning I/Orelated performance problems, and at the end of the chapter I'll provide pointers for more information about other related performance problems, some of which are covered in these books.
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Practice: Deploying a RADIUS Server
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Looking Within Frames
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some portions of the software such as dynamic worksheets will require that the user install the Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook.
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Packages are containers for objects and are the unit that is exposed from within a module . As seen in the previous example, four packages are shipped with SQL Server 2008 . The following query can be executed to obtain further details of these packages:
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task, you must configure ServerA s public NAT interface to correspond to the addresses provided by the ISP, and statically map one of these addresses (to be used for access from the Internet) to ServerB s private IP address. B. Incorrect: The mapping is made on the NAT computer, not the Web server, and a special port is used, not a static route. C. Incorrect: A special port is used, not a static route. D. Incorrect: The Web server requires only one IP address. This private address must, however, be statically mapped to a public IP address by configuring a spe cial port on the NAT server.
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Managing Network Security
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Managing Network Connections
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.method public hidebysig static void Main() cil managed // SIG: 00 00 01 { .entrypoint // Method begins at RVA 0x2050 // Code size 11 (0xb) .maxstack 8 IL_0000: /* 72 | (70)000001 */ ldstr "Hi" IL_0005: /* 28 | (0A)000003 */ call void [mscorlib]System.Console::WriteLine(string) IL_000a: /* 2A | */ ret } // end of method Program::Main
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You can also specify that a particular route segment s value must match a constraint that you define. This might be the length of the segment, a date range, or any string data validation that you can define. If a URL does not meet the constraint, the route is not used to process the request. You define route constraints with regular expressions or by using objects that implement the IRouteConstraint interface. You then add each constraint to a RouteValueDictionary object and pass that to routes.MapRoute(). As an example, suppose you want to add a route definition that searches for the month/year numeric pattern in the URL (as in 12/2012). You could do as shown in the following code. This code creates default values for month and year based on the current month and year. It then sets a route constraint for each segment by using regular expressions.
Creating a Web Part That Returns a Data Set
The extremely versatilely useful line charts are very similar to column and bar charts when it comes to their basic structure and technical use . The chart type has already been presented with different models in previous chapters . The creation of a line chart as well as the development and formatting of its data series was explained in 2 . For this reason, the descriptions of the examples compiled in the file 0807_Lines.xlsx can primarily focus on other aspects and present ideas whose implementation is also possible in other chart types, either directly or analogously . On the Companion CD Open the file \Samples\0807_Lines.xlsx on the CD-ROM .
The model in the MVVM pattern encapsulates business logic and data. Business logic is defined as any application logic that is concerned with the retrieval and management of application data and with making sure that any business rules that ensure data consistency and validity are imposed. To maximize re-use opportunities, models should not contain any use case specific or user task specific behavior or application logic. Typically, the model represents the client-side domain model for the application. It can define data structures based on the application s data model and any supporting business and validation logic. The model may also include the code to support data access and caching, although in most cases, a separate data repository or service is employed for this. Often, the model and data access layer are generated as part of a data access or service strategy, such as the ADO.NET Entity Framework, WCF Data Services, or WCF RIA Services. Typically, the model implements the facilities that make it easy to bind to the view. This usually means that it supports property and collection changed notification through the INotifyPropertyChanged and INotifyCollectionChanged interfaces. Models classes that represent collections of objects typically derive from the ObservableCollection<T> class, which provides an implementation of the INotifyCollectionChanged interface. The model may also support data validation and error reporting through the IData ErrorInfo (or INotifyDataErrorInfo) interfaces. These interfaces allow WPF and Silverlight data binding to be notified when values change so that the UI can be updated. They also enable support for data validation and error reporting in the UI layer. What if your model classes do not implement the required interfaces You may have to work with model objects that do not implement the INotify PropertyChanged, INotifyCollectionChanged, IDataErrorInfo, or INotify DataErrorInfo interfaces. In those cases, the view model may need to wrap the model objects and expose the required properties to the view. The values for these properties will be provided directly by the model objects. The view model will implement the required interfaces for the properties it exposes so that the view can easily bind data to them.
FIGURE 14-15 Workflow Edit Assign Step Parameters dialog box Page 245 Tuesday, June 8, 2004 6:23 PM
ASP .NET server-side controls derive from a class named System.Web.UI.Control . In fact, the Control class is the core of almost every user interface (UI) element in ASP .NET . Even System.Web.UI.Page is derived from the Control class . Table 4-1 shows a small sampling of the System.Web.UI.Page class .
The upper block, Data, contains absolute values . Clearly, these numbers are already extremely compressed and are based on several thousand individual values . The lower block, Chart Basis, contains percentages . For 1999, the constant 100 was entered in all cells . Each of the subsequent years has formulas whose results (when you use each year s absolute values) express its relationship with the start year as a percentage (for more information, see the tip provided below) . However, the results (and therefore the chart line) are only shown if the relevant switch for this line is on .
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