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private static void Reflection(Object o) { try { // Invoke a DoSomething method on this object var mi = o.GetType().GetMethod("DoSomething"); mi.Invoke(o, null); // The DoSomething method might throw an exception } catch (System.Reflection.TargetInvocationException e) { // The CLR converts reflection-produced exceptions to TargetInvocationException throw e.InnerException; // Re-throw what was originally thrown } }
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void ISerializable.GetObjectData(SerializationInfo info, StreamingContext context) { info.SetType(typeof(SingletonSerializationHelper)); // No other values need to be added } [Serializable] private sealed class SingletonSerializationHelper : IObjectReference { // Method called after this object (which has no fields) is deserialized public Object GetRealObject(StreamingContext context) { return Singleton.GetSingleton(); } } // NOTE: The special constructor is NOT necessary because it's never called }
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Figure 4-12. Sample application using TextBox controls 1. In Visual Studio 2008, create a new Silverlight application named Ch4_TextBox. Allow Visual Studio to create a Web Application project to host your application. In the MainPage.xaml file, within the root Grid element, add three RowDefinition items, as follows:
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</tr> {else} <tr> <td>{$admin_products->mProducts[cProducts].name}</td> <td>{$admin_products->mProducts[cProducts].description}</td> <td>{$admin_products->mProducts[cProducts].price}</td> <td>{$admin_products->mProducts[cProducts].discounted_price}</td> <td align="right" width="180"> <input type="submit" name="submit_edit_prod_{ $admin_products->mProducts[cProducts].product_id}" value="Edit" /> <input type="submit" name="submit_select_prod_{ $admin_products->mProducts[cProducts].product_id}" value="Select" /> </td> </tr> {/if} {/section} </table> {/if} <br /> <span class="admin_page_text">Add new product:</span> <br /><br /> <input type="text" name="product_name" value="[name]" size="30" /> <input type="text" name="product_description" value="[description]" size="75" /> <input type="text" name="product_price" value="[price]" size="10" /> <input type="submit" name="submit_add_prod_0" value="Add" /> </form> 4. Create a new plugin file named function.load_admin_products.php in the presentation/smarty_plugins folder, and add the following to it: < php /* Smarty plugin function that gets called when the load_admin_products function plugin is loaded from a template */ function smarty_function_load_admin_products($params, $smarty) { // Create AdminProducts object $admin_products = new AdminProducts(); $admin_products->init(); // Assign template variable $smarty->assign($params['assign'], $admin_products); }
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UDP destination port of 4500 (0x1194). This filter allows IPSec NAT-T traffic to the VPN server.
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Figure 1-4: Typical Office organizational structure. Within the Office organization there are product teams (Word, Excel, and Sharepoint) that focus on a particular applications and the user base that relies heavily on them, and then there are shared teams (User Interface, Build, and Document Lifecycle) that focus on shared technologies and scenarios. The
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An overall navigational system based on these principles should only be set up when the structure of the model is complete, all of the presentation dynamics are working, all range names have been defined, and the names and positions of all worksheets are final . The process is then a quick and simple one, as described here: 1. Define the text list for accessing the various sheets in the Navigation worksheet . If you create the texts as objects (text boxes or WordArt), you can add hyperlinks to these directly . If you enter the text in cells, they are then covered over by invisible rectangles (drawing objects) adjusted to their size, and hyperlinks are added to these . The steps described below assume that you re using fully transparent drawing objects . Note A hyperlink can also be added to a cell directly . However, there are two drawbacks to using this approach in a presentation solution . First, you need to suppress the hyperlink text format (plus the followed hyperlink format) . Second, you re also bound by the size of the cell containing the text in terms of the response of the mouse display . Both of these problems can be avoided by using transparent graphics objects . The main benefit of spatial adjustment (see step 4 below) is that the dimensions of the click option are adjusted to match the length of the text exactly . This represents a key component of usability in the case of texts with different lengths (as in Figure 12-6) . 2. Create the first hyperlink as instructed in the last section, and test it . 3. Copy the object you ve created and position it over the next text .
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The complete requirements for running Visual Studio .NET can be found at
Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Programming
Include files are plain containers of relatively static text, and they are merely a cache of HTML markup that is used throughout the application. The markup is integrated with the existing skeleton of the page; it is typically placed in table cells and rows. This approach has two main drawbacks. First, there s no object orientation, so integrating this approach with the ASP.NET programming model is hard. Second, include files tags opened in one file are frequently closed in another file (either the .asp page or another include file). This situation makes WYSIWYG designer support virtually impossible.
To put your knowledge of subqueries, table expressions, and ranking calculations into action, I'll provide a couple of problems that have many applications in production environments. I'll present a generic form of the problem, though, so you can focus on the techniques and not the data. Create and populate a table named T1 by running the code in Listing 4-10.
Name Unique name for the tab. Label Display name of the tab that will appear on the form. You can also opt to hide the label so that it s not displayed on the form and select whether you want the tab expanded or collapsed when the form is first opened. Visibility Field for toggling whether the tab is displayed or hidden on the form. Layout Tabs can have a one- or two-column layout, which can be changed at any time. You can also specify the width of each column when the two-column option is selected. Events You can associate events and functions to a tab. We ll cover this advanced functionality in 11, Solutions: Web Resources, and 12, Solutions: Client Extensions.
Table 5-7. Interface Declaration Modifier Availability
Do not modify it using the code editor. InitializeComponent() End Sub
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