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After completing the merge, you can create activities associated with the mail merge. You can upload the mail merge template back into Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This is helpful if you changed the template during the merge. You can create a quick campaign associated with the mail merge. You can run mail merges from quick campaigns. You don t need to use a mail merge Word macro, so you won t need to enable any security prompts.
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<span class="error_text">You must enter your name.</span> {/if} </td> </tr> <tr> <td>Password:</td> <td><input type="password" name="password" /></td> <td> {if $customer_details->mPasswordError} <span class="error_text">You must enter a password.</span> {/if} </td> </tr> <tr> <td>Re-enter Password:</td> <td><input type="password" name="passwordConfirm" /></td> <td> {if $customer_details->mPasswordConfirmError} <span class="error_text"> You must re-enter your password. </span> {elseif $customer_details->mPasswordMatchError} <span class="error_text"> You must re-enter the same password. </span> {/if} </td> </tr> {if $customer_details->mEditMode} <tr> <td>Day phone:</td> <td> <input type="text" name="dayPhone" value="{$customer_details->mDayPhone}" /> </td> </tr> <tr> <td>Eve phone:</td> <td> <input type="text" name="evePhone" value="{$customer_details->mEvePhone}" /> </td> </tr> <tr> <td>Mob phone:</td> <td> <input type="text" name="mobPhone"
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Inadvertent changes to global data You might change the value of a global variable in one place and mistakenly think that it has remained unchanged somewhere else. Such a problem is known as a side effect. For example, in the following code fragment, TheAnswer is a global variable:
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In Office 2007, SmartArt allows you to format text to create illustrations . Text elements are added to containers of various shapes (arrows, boxes, pyramids, block cycles, hierarchical stacks, and many more) to provide a clearer illustration of content and connections . SmartArt encompasses a vast number of possibilities . In this book, I can naturally only provide a short and primarily technical overview . You ll find the examples below in the 1201_SmartArt.xlsx file . On the Companion CD Open the \Samples\1201_SmartArt.xlsx file on the CD-ROM . If you ve learned to use the tools in the Drawing toolbar in earlier versions of Excel, Word, and PowerPoint, you ll already be able to create very pleasing pictures, with or without text . However, the problem with these tools is that they required various amounts of skill, experi-
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The IP addresses for the test lab configuration are shown in Tables F-2, F-3, and F-4.
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DataBoundControl is an abstract base class that defines the common characteristics of flat, nonhierarchical controls that use a data source. The class determines how a data-bound control binds to a collection of data items or to a data source object. Remarkably, in ASP.NET 2.0 all data-bound controls with the notable exceptions of DataList, DataGrid, and Repeater share a common base class. You can group data-bound controls into three categories: simple, composite, and hierarchical controls. Before we look at each of these categories in more detail, let s briefly review the properties and methods that all data-bound controls share.
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While you may not want your site to become a portal (due to the high costs of such heavy web traffic), making a few well-chosen newsfeeds available on your web site can increase the amount of information available through your site and give it a sense of upto-the-minute relevance. While search engine optimization experts argue whether the content will be considered part of your site and contribute to your search engine rating, it certainly can t hurt your search placement. In the previous chapter, you learned how to use the Feed Display module to show an RSS or Atom feed. However, finding appropriate feeds that provide information your visitors will want to read can be difficult. From your site profile, you should have a basic idea of the topics that will generally interest your target users. Try looking for newsfeeds related to your desired subjects on the following newsfeed search engines: www.syndic8.com www.2rss.com www.rss-network.com www.feedster.com You should be able to find a least a few feeds with topics relevant to your site.
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Once this was achieved by properly defining all possible inputs, transitions, and outputs, we found it very easy to accurately define an expected result from any possible set of parameters. The model in essence becomes the ideal representation of the system you are testing and any deviation should be readily apparently. We found model-based testing very robust because we could apply it to test areas ranging from APIs to UIs. This allowed us to do away with manual testing completely when the models were implemented. In particular with our UI, this saved us countless hours of manually verifying its functionality for all possible actions (button clicks, text inputs, and so forth). When properly scaled, our model-based tests could provide coverage ranging from quick verification tests to full-scale functional tests. This was done by paring down our list of inputs, transitions, and outputs to the subset that we were interested in. It would have been very difficult to achieve such a wide range of coverage if we relied on developing specific test cases one by one. One of our successful implementations of modeling involved testing a new API that shipped out to developers in Windows Vista. Rather than write test applications that used the API or script a series of possible scenarios, we used modeling to generate a state machine for all possible function calls that a developer could make. This means for a given function call with given parameters, we could determine how all other subsequent function calls would react. We realized the true value of our framework in testing whether the API reacted correctly to different options/parameters/completion schemes without writing one-off applications for each interesting scenario. Our test footprint was much smaller with the model while achieving more coverage compared with our older approaches. Jim Liu, SDET, Windows Networking
DateTime Task Parameters
While more messages to read Read a message header Decode the message ID from the message header If the message header is type 1 then Print a type 1 message Else if the message header is type 2 then Print a type 2 message ... Else if the message header is type 19 then Print a type 19 message Else if the message header is type 20 then Print a type 20 message
2. Your DNS server has failed the recursive test. Assuming that the server can otherwise communicate with other DNS servers, name two potential causes of this scenario.
Diagnostic Policy Service Diagnostic Service Host Diagnostic System Host Distributed Link Tracking Client
This test generates the following results on my system:
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