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starting to nd their way into servers, especially high-density servers in data centers, where their power savings are a plus. Still too pricy for most small business networks. barcode generator free
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Graphical Objects
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an additional performance hit unless you explicitly pass null . After all, an array object must be allocated on the heap, the array s elements must be initialized, and the array s memory must ultimately be garbage collected . To help reduce the performance hit associated with this, you may want to consider defining a few overloaded methods that do not use the params keyword . For some examples, look at the System.String class s Concat method, which has the following overloads:
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Unit testing: The process of testing code by making assertions on its various pieces of functionality to make sure each operates as expected. Optimization: The process of improving the efficiency of your code by reworking algorithms and finding new ways of solving problems. Benchmarking: A process involving testing the speed of your code to see how quick it is under certain conditions, or using certain methods and algorithms. You can use the benchmark results to compare different versions of code, or compare coding techniques. Profiling: A process that shows you which methods and routines are taking up the most execution time (or memory) in your programs.
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There are also overloads of the above methods that operate on Int64 values . Furthermore, the Interlocked class offers Exchange and CompareExchange methods that take Object, IntPtr, Single, and Double, and there is also a generic version in which the generic type is constrained to class (any reference type) . Personally, I love the Interlocked methods because they are relatively fast and you can do so much with them . Let me show you some code that uses the Interlocked methods to asynchronously query several Web servers for data . This code is pretty short, never blocks any threads, and uses thread pool threads to scale automatically, consuming up to the number of CPUs available if its workload could benefit from it . In addition, the code, as is, supports accessing up to 2,147,483,647 (Int32.MaxValue) Web servers . In other words, this code is a great model to follow for your own scenarios .
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Windows authentication) or the IAS server (if the VPN server is configured for RADIUS authentication and the RADIUS server is a computer running Windows Server 2003 and IAS). The smart card or user certificate of the VPN client must be valid and verifi able by the authenticating server that is, the authenticating server trusts the root CA for the CA that issued the certificate of the VPN client. The computer certificate of the authenticating server must be verifiable by the VPN client that is, the VPN client trusts the root CA for the CA that issued the computer certificate of the authenticating server.
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If the wizard contains a Complete step, that page is displayed after the Finish button is clicked and the final task has completed successfully. If something goes wrong with the update, you should cancel the transition to prevent the Complete page from appearing, and give the user another chance.
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Puzzle 3: To a T
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WITH TheseEmployees AS ( SELECT empid FROM HR.Employees WHERE country = 'USA' ), CustomerCharacteristicFunctions AS ( SELECT custid, CASE WHEN custid IN ( SELECT custid FROM Sales.Orders AS O WHERE O.empid = E.empid ) THEN 1 ELSE 0 END AS charfun FROM Sales.Customers AS C CROSS JOIN TheseEmployees AS E ) SELECT custid, MIN(charfun) as mincharfun FROM CustomerCharacteristicFunctions GROUP BY custid ORDER BY custid;
Next let s copy the Java files created in our stand-alone greeter service example to the src directory of the Web application, maintaining the package structure. Modify the file in the example package to look like Listing 6-7. Listing 6-7. Simple Spring MVC Controller ... public ModelAndView handleRequest( HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response) throws ServletException, IOException { String greeting = greetingService.greet(); return new ModelAndView("/test.jsp", "greeting", greeting); }
ATTENDEE -------7499 SQL> You might want to add the DISTINCT keyword to the SELECT clause here, too, just as you did in the previous exercise; otherwise, what happens if someone attends the XML course once and attends the Java course twice This fourth exercise has many different solutions. For example, you can also use two subqueries instead of one. Obviously, the following solutions with AND or OR at the row level are wrong: where course = 'JAV' and course = 'XML' where course = 'JAV' or course = 'XML' -- Wrong: Gives "no rows selected." -- Wrong: Gives too many results.
Figure 5.2 Diffused lighting on a presenter. Another type of lighting is a small camera light. A camera light provides direct front light and typically attaches to a connector on the video camera. If you need to use a camera light, you can soften or diffuse the light by pointing the light at the ceiling instead of directly at your subject, or by taping a piece of frosted gel over the light. A gel is translucent material that allows light to pass through it. Gels are sold in various sizes and colors at many camera stores and stores that sell equipment for theater productions and motion pictures. A small piece of frosted gel can be taped over a light, such as a camera light. When you tape the gel to the light source, be sure to leave an opening so the heat from the light can escape. Frosted gels can be re-used, and they are ideal for turning hard, directional light into soft, diffused lighting, which often results in better lighting and overall quality of the video. If the office has windows, use the blinds to adjust the amount of sunlight in the office. If you would like to record the video with the setting outside the office still showing, you can adjust the blinds to reduce the amount of direct sunlight, but still allow the outdoor scenery to show through. However, it s best to reduce the amount of direct sunlight. For example, if you are recording and your presenter is turned sideways and there is sunlight directly on the speaker s face, his or her facial expressions can be lost in shadow. In this case, reducing the amount of direct sunlight will help to accentuate the speaker s
When I ran this code, the first batch returned no output, whereas the second returned #0CBAE877, which is the name of the temporary table in tempdb that represents the table variable @T . Of course, you will probably get a different name when you run this code . But the point is to show that a hidden temporary table is created behind the scenes . Just like temporary tables, a table variable s pages reside in cache when the table is small enough and when SQL Server has enough memory to spare . So the discussion about aspects of working with temporary tables with regard to tempdb applies to table variables as well .
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