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As mentioned earlier in this chapter, you can run a program as an administrator by right-clicking any shortcut for the program (in the Start menu or elsewhere), choosing Run As Administrator, and satisfying the UAC prompt with either consent or credentials. Here are two additional ways to do it:
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Basic authentication is the simplest of all forms of authentication. It just transmits the raw log-on information across the network. In other words, the user name and password are sent across the network either as clear-text, or in a form that will transmit intact across the network, such as Base-64 encoded. In some implementations, this is referred to as the Password Authentication Protocol (PAP). Basic authentication is quite common in older network protocols such as Telnet, FTP, POP, IMAP, and even in HTTP. Today it may be used, for example, in the RPC/HTTPS connector mechanism used to connect a Microsoft Office Outlook client to an Exchange server across the Internet. In that case the credentials are traversing inside an encrypted channel to the Exchange Server or the ISA Server, whichever is terminating the connection. However, other than across an encrypted channel such as in the Outlook-Exchange example, Basic authentication should be avoided.
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By using the Update Record action, you can update one or more fields when a workflow condition is met. For example, you can create an Opportunity workflow process that automatically changes the Opportunity s Priority field to High if the estimated value of a deal is greater than $100,000. You can use the Update Record action to update data values in the record on which the workflow process is running, as in the preceding example, or in records of other entities related to the primary workflow entity. For example, you can create a workflow process that updates the Relationship Type field of an account to a value of Prospect if someone creates an opportunity for that account. Microsoft Dynamics CRM automatically determines which related entities you can update. For the most part, you can update values in related entities only if the entity has a primary relationship to the workflow entity. Because Account is the primary entity in relation to the Opportunity entity, Microsoft Dynamics CRM lets you update fields on the Account form in Opportunity workflow processes. However, the inverse is not true. You cannot update the value of an Opportunity for workflows attached to the Account entity. After you select an entity, choose the fields you want to update, and then specify the new values. Important Updating an entity will trigger any plug-ins or workflow processes registered to
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Once you understand the logic of counting words, counting the sentences and paragraphs becomes easy. Rather than splitting on whitespace, sentences and paragraphs have different splitting criteria. Sentences end with full stops, question marks, and exclamation marks. They can also be separated with dashes and other punctuation, but we won t worry about these rare cases here. The split is simple. Instead of asking Ruby to split the text on one type of character, you simply ask it to split on any of three types of characters, like so: sentence_count = text.split(/\.|\ |!/).length The regular expression looks odd here, but the full stop, question mark, and exclamation mark are clearly visible. Let s look at the regular expression directly: /\.|\ |!/ The forward slashes at the start and the end are the usual delimiters for a regular expression, so those can be ignored. The first section is \., and this represents a full stop. The reason why you can t just use . without the backslash in front is because . represents any character in a regular expression (as covered in 3), so it needs to be escaped with the backslash
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Block Level Backup Engine Service Certificate Propagation CNG Key Isolation COM+ Event System
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Microsoft ASP.NET 4 Step by Step
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overall software-development process level, an experiment might consist of collecting quality and productivity data so that you can see whether inspections really find more errors than walkthroughs. The point is that you have to keep an open mind about all aspects of software development. Rather than being religious, you have to get technical about your process as well as your product. Open-minded experimentation and religious adherence to a predefined approach don t mix.
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The Problems of Sequence and Priority
What are the major new features of Office Visio 2007 Is there one feature you think everyone will love In Office Visio 2007, our goal was to make it far easier for
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4. Open the Administrative Tools, Services console. 5. From the Action menu, select Connect To Another Computer. 6. On Computer1, scroll to the telnet service. Is the telnet service running
The precompiled application ends up in the Temporary ASP .NET Files directory under your current .NET directory . If the Web site is a file system Web site without an IIS virtual directory, use the p commandline parameter to specify the physical path . This compilation option precompiles the code and places it in the bin directory for the application .
At this point you should have a better understanding than most of how access control works in Windows. You have even seen a number of tools used to manage permissions. In the next section we will provide a slightly deeper look, focusing on the tools.
25. Code-Tuning Strategies
Understanding TCP/IP
public class PalindromeCheckerRenderedControl : WebControl {
Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Querying
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