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hold, release, or delete print jobs.
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A chart created using default editing operations is normally composed of a chart area, plot area, one or more data series, axis, various labels, and (optionally) different analysis elements .
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<target name="compile" description="Compiles all classes (JDK1.5)"> <javac destdir="${classes}" classpathref="class.path" debug="on" deprecation="on" optimize="off" > <src> <path refid="all.source.path" /> </src> </javac> </target> <!-<!-<!-<!-=================================================================== Target: package-web Package the web module =================================================================== --> --> --> -->
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There are many situations when you might need to build a set of projects for a set of de ned con guration values. We ll examine how to do this now. The basic idea here is that you ll use the MSBuild task in order to build each project while passing in the Con guration property value. All the values for the con guration should be placed in an item so they can be expanded using batching. The contents of the Batching06.proj le are shown in the next snippet.
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<ItemGroup> <SourceFiles Include="$(SourceFolder)*.txt" /> <Dest Include="$(DestFolder)One" /> <Dest Include="$(DestFolder)Two" /> <Dest Include="$(DestFolder)Three" /> <Dest Include="$(DestFolder)Four" /> <Dest Include="$(DestFolder)Five" /> </ItemGroup>
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Tracking Changes in Cached Items
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Setup for POJO Development
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Like all client-server applications, web applications have two distinct components:
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A VPN server is a computer running Windows Server 2003 and the Routing And Remote Access service. This server is the heart of the entire VPN operation. The VPN server does the following:
Notice that the programs are listed alphabetically, and the menu does not indicate which one is the current default. The assumption is that if you ve gone to the trouble of choosing Open With, it s because you want, this time, to open the file in a nondefault program. You can use this Open With menu either to open the selected file one time in a nondefault application or to change the default. To do the latter, click Choose Default Program from the menu shown in Figure 3-33. The Open With dialog box that appears will be just like the one shown in Figure 3-31, with one major exception: the Always Use The Selected Program To Open This Kind Of File check box will be available. Note that it will be available and selected. If you don t want to make a change to the default (if you re just looking around or curious about what might show up in the Other Programs section of the dialog box), be sure to clear the check box before you select a program and click OK. (If you do unintentionally reset the default, you can always return to this Open With dialog box and fi x the problem.)
Customer connections regardless of the method are much more than just a good thing. They are one of the most critical building blocks of quality software. OneNote Customer Connection During the Office 2007 cycle, the OneNote test team explored and engaged in numerous customer connection activities. The team worked closely with product planning and usability engineers to engage on 24 customer visits across 7 different personas. This allowed the test team to interact with real customers, gather feedback, and better understand real-world usage. The process informed our test strategy, test cases, configurations, and real-world projects. It also created more empathy, which is important to understanding the potential pain that customers experience using our products. Each tester went on two or three customer visits and took notes about the job, examined notebook structures, asked for feedback, and so forth. This data was used to inform personas, feature decisions, and ultimately our testing and real-world projects. An additional benefit customer visits provided was a great sense of job satisfaction for the test team, and many team members commented that customer visits were one of the high points of the release. The test team used blog search engines to find out what early adoption customers were saying about the product. The team found a blog titled "I hate OneNote and SharePoint." We contacted the blogger by using comments and started an e-mail thread trying to track down the issue. We were able to track down a complex WEBDAV configuration that a customer was using and getting OneNote sync failures on. The test team had been seeing this bug randomly but could never reproduce it internally. By working with the blogger, we tracked down the issue and found the fix, which was installing a specific Windows Server QFE. [2] Additionally, the test team now had a better WSS/Windows Server
Figure 14-7 provides an illustration of this new data:
to describe how you can set up these changed sorting of the chart display at the click of a mouse without any programming .
In addition to reducing taskbar congestion, grouping offers some other benefits that aren t immediately apparent. The menu that appears when you right-click the group button provides several useful commands. With a single click, you can:
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