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Grouping Factor
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Analyzing Logging Behavior
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Including Other Files within Your Application on Symbian Devices
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Viewing VPN ports
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FIGURE 8-8 Storing the domain registration information
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Next, add a DetailsView control to the page and name it DetailsviewCust. In Design view, use the smart tag to set the data source to the EntityDataSource set previously. Select Refresh Schema from the same smart tag task list to generate columns bound to the data source. Add a GridView control under the DetailsView and name it gridviewOrders. This will be used to show custom orders. You cannot, at present, bind this to the included collections of the EntityDataSource by using markup. Instead, you must write some code. Add an event handler for the DetailsViewCust DataBound event. This event fires when the DetailsView control has been bound to data. You can use it to pull the bound Customer from the control and use its Orders collection for the GridView control. Your code should read as follows.
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The UML sequence diagram models the dynamic behavior of a system by depicting object interactions over time. These interactions are expressed as a series of messages between objects. UML sequence diagrams are ideal for elaborating a use case execution in terms of objects from your domain model. One sequence diagram is typically used to represent a single use case scenario or flow of events. The message flow of a sequence diagram matches the narrative of the corresponding use case. Sequence diagrams are an excellent way to document use case scenarios and refine and synchronize a use case diagram with respect to a domain model. A sequence diagram typically shows a user or actor and the object and components they interact with in the context of a use case execution. Whenever necessary, I use sequence diagrams in the book to refine and validate a use case against the application s domain model.
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whereas ^ and $ anchor to the starts and ends of lines within a string.
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Do you use version-control software to facilitate configuration management Do you use version-control software to reduce coordination problems of working in teams
LinearTransformationSink transformer = new LinearTransformationSink(builder, a, b, c, d); // run the pipeline geom.Populate(transformer); // return the result return builder.ConstructedGeometry; } }
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The Silverlight Browser Bridge
Figure 9-2
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