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How It Works: The admin_orders Componentized Template
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The code in this example doesn t use the techniques for making order dependencies obvious. It s better to rely on such techniques rather than on comments, but if you re maintaining tightly controlled code or you can t improve the code itself for some other reason, use documentation to compensate for code weaknesses.
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Now when you begin a new presentation in Office PowerPoint 2007, a number of resources appear automatically (see Figure 6-2). Instead of requiring you to click around in the New Presentation task pane (as you did with Office PowerPoint 2003), the New Presentation window offers you several choices:
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Stock Trader RI regions and views
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The previous queries show matching products without ordering them in any particular order. The database engine will simply return the results in whatever order it finds easier. For
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Note Macro attributes @{attr} are expanded before Ant properties ${property}. This is important if you are
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Event Viewer
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Index structures and their properties will be explained later in the Index Tuning section.
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Page 26
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Try creating an unconventional note-taking handout by including only the three Key Point slides on a single piece of paper. As the audience members see each Key Point slide on the screen, it will cue them to the corresponding image on the handout and reinforce the top-level visual-verbal message you want to communicate.
Type ---------Class Method Method Method Method Method Method Method Method Method Method Method Method Structure Name ---------------------CLRUtilities RegexIsMatch RegexReplace FormatDatetime ImpCast ExpCast SQLSigCLR SplitCLR ArrSplitFillRow GetEnvInfo GetAssemblyInfo trg_GenericDMLAudit SalesRunningSum CLRUtilities+row_item
Listing 3-4. Creation script for the fn_SQLSigTSQL UDF
For this objective, you need to know how to use key tools such as Network Monitor, System Monitor, Performance Logs And Alerts, and Event Viewer. The version of Network Monitor that is provided on the Windows Server 2003 installa tion CD-ROM can be used to view only the network traffic that is sent to or from the computer on which it is installed. To view network traffic that is sent to or from another computer and that is routed through your computer, you need to use the Network Mon itor component that is provided with Microsoft Systems Management Server (SMS). Network Monitor captures and displays network packets at byte-level. This is often too much information, and view and capture filters can be configured so that you can either view only the traffic that you are interested in, or capture only that traffic. You can create a view filter by specifying source or destination IP address, or protocol. Capture filters can be triggered by a pattern match, for example, so that you can specify when the capture starts. The examination requires that you know how to install, configure, and use Network Monitor, and also know how it complements other troubleshooting tools such as Sys tem Monitor and Event Viewer. System Monitor lets you view the values returned by the counters for various system objects. In this objective, you are mostly concerned with the Network Interface object, but valuable information can also be gathered by adding Protocol_layer_object counters. These exist for the TCPv4 and TCPv6 objects. It is unlikely that the TCPv6 objects will form part of the exam. Counters of particular interest include the following:
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of any type. Therefore, it s possible to use an array (or even another hash) as a key. This might come in useful when you re dealing with more complex data structures in the future.
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