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How many lines of code are in a program How can such a simple question be so difficult to answer Let's start with something simple:
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I could cite other laws of perception here, but because these have only secondary importance for the purposes of this book I ll leave them out of our discussion . Now I will summarize the content of this chapter . Anyone who observes your chart, be it in a publication or as part of a presentation, is physiologically conditioned to recognize and interpret as quickly as possible the information being presented in the chart and its significance . If this does not happen reasonably quickly, both the observer s readiness to perceive and his or her acceptance of the information being presented diminish; that is, the person may quickly lose interest in your work or presentation . Anyone who wants to avoid this is well advised to consistently observe the central universal laws of human perception . In so doing, you should:
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some way, the assembly s file must first be decompressed to temporary file(s) before you use GACUtil .exe to install the assembly s files into the GAC . Once the assembly s files have been installed, the temporary file(s) can be deleted .
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Figure 5-1. Components of Windows remote access VPNs.
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$query_string = '&'; foreach ($params as $key => $value) $query_string .= $key . '=' . urlencode($value) . '&'; $amazon_url = AMAZON_REST_BASE_URL . $query_string; // Get the XML response using REST $amazon_xml = file_get_contents($amazon_url); // Unserialize the XML and return return simplexml_load_string($amazon_xml); } // Call ECS using SOAP private function GetDataWithSoap() { try { $client = new SoapClient(AMAZON_WSDL);
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Even though the management team of a company, which does not necessarily have to be proficient in Excel (that s why companies have specialists), has exactly the same data, it is housed in a much more closely knitted model that acts as a filtering report module rather than a filtering analysis instrument . It is not as slender as the Controlling module and it can t answer every question on the spur of the moment (that s why companies have financial controllers) . However, it can answer most questions, especially the most important ones, without relying on any external assistance . Furthermore, it can do this in the easiest way possible: just a few mouse clicks in four selection lists containing clear text will retrieve the necessary information, without risk of error, and without any irritating program responses . That's exactly how it should be .
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The Program .exe file discussed in the previous section is more than just a PE file with metadata; it is also an assembly . An assembly is a collection of one or more files containing type definitions and resource files . One of the assembly s files is chosen to hold a manifest . The manifest is another set of metadata tables that basically contain the names of the files that are part of the assembly . They also describe the assembly s version, culture, publisher, publicly exported types, and all of the files that comprise the assembly . The CLR operates on assemblies; that is, the CLR always loads the file that contains the manifest metadata tables first and then uses the manifest to get the names of the other files that are in the assembly . Here are some characteristics of assemblies that you should remember:
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Moving from ASP to ASP.NET can be done in a way that will allow the ASP programmer to continue to feel comfortable. You can ignore code-behind files and continue operating in an ASP way, if you want. You ll give up many of the advantages of ASP.NET, but if you want to adopt the new technology with little pain, you can do so, as long as you re willing to learn a little about the Visual Basic .NET changes. Moving from ADO to ADO.NET is different than moving from ASP to ASP.NET. Although ADO.NET has much of the same functionality as ADO, it s really a different technology. Using ADO.NET requires learning several new namespaces, and there are a few things (very few things) that you just can t do with ADO.NET that you could do quite well using ADO. Fortunately, most developers and virtually all ASP.NET developers don t need the ADO functionality that isn t easy to duplicate in ADO.NET. First, let s take a look at ADO. ADO Overview ADO is made up of three primary objects: Connection, Command, and Recordset. The Connection object is used to open a channel between the program and a data source. Connection allows you to set the connection string as well as handle transactions and set the type of cursor. ADO supports server-side and client-side servers as well as many other cursor properties designed to control the visibility of modified records and so on. The Command object is used to execute queries. These queries can be arbitrary SQL strings, or possibly stored procedures. The Command object supports parameters, and this support helps with passing values that might be troublesome if they were passed as part of an arbitrary SQL string. For example, consider the following SQL string: SELECT * FROM Titles WHERE Title= What s Up Doc This string will fail because the apostrophe in the title will be seen as the end of the string, and the rest of the title will be rejected as invalid syntax. Using parameters on the Command object allows such a string to be handled. The Recordset object is used to get data from the data source and to navigate through the recordset. Depending on the type of cursor, the recordset can be navigated both forward and backward and can provide properties such as the record count. One core weakness of ADO is the level of complexity that s involved with selecting the correct cursor location, cursor type, and other similar details. For example, how do you know whether to use a client-side or a server-side cursor What type of locking do you want Should other users see changes you make to the recordset before you commit the changes Although ADO offers flexibility, for the majority of users, especially ASP users, ADO is tough to master and use correctly. Differences Between ADO and ADO.NET After seeing what ADO.NET has to offer, programmers accustomed to using ADO invariably respond, But there are so many classes! It s true. If you browse the .NET Framework, the System.Data namespace and all the namespaces under it are chock-full of classes and enumerations. Part of the problem is that the classes are divided into three distinct groups. One group of classes is designed for ODBC data sources, one group is designed for OLE DB data sources, and the other is designed specifically to
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When you're done, drop the tables you just created: DROP TABLE dbo.MyOrders; DROP TABLE dbo.MyOrderDetails;
Managing Shared Folders
Stop 1 (green) has a stop position of 33 percent . Stop 2 (the first white) has a stop position of 34 percent . Stop 3 (the second white) has a stop position of 65 percent . Stop 4 (orange) has a stop position of 66 percent .
Getting Started with BBP
You can also use MEF to discover and load modules by using the AssemblyCatalog class, which can be used to discover all the exported module classes in an assembly, and the AggregateCatalog class, which allows multiple catalogs to be combined into one logical catalog. By default, the Prism MefBootstrapper class creates an AggregateCatalog instance. You can then override the ConfigureAggregateCatalog method to register assemblies, as shown in the following code example.
Some services depend on other services in order to start. It is like an automobile; there is no reason for the engine to turn over if the fuel pump is not working and will not give the engine any gas. Services are the same way: some are layered, and there is no reason to start unless the components underneath aren t already working properly. This idea is called a service dependency. That is, some services depend on other ser vices in order to start. Therefore, if even only one service is not working properly, it could have a cascading effect throughout your entire server. If you take a closer look at the Remote Access Connection Manager by double-clicking it and selecting the Dependencies tab, you can see the services it depends on to start, as well as the services that depend on it to start, as shown in Figure 12-25.
Who Manages the Domain Name
The execution plan in Figure 2-2 contains some elements that were added for demonstration purposes, and you will not see them in the plan that you will get. For each arrow, I have added the estimated numbers of rows in parentheses and a reference number used in the following text.
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