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10. Click OK. On the Static Routes For Remote Networks page, click Next. 11. On the Dial In Credentials page, type a password for the VPN_NewYork user account and confirm the password. The User Name text box is prepop ulated with the value, VPN_NewYork. This is shown in the following figure.
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Object target = "Jeffrey Richter"; Object arg = "ff"; // Find a method on the target that matches the desired argument types Type[] argTypes = newType[] { arg.GetType() }; MethodInfo method = target.GetType().GetMethod("Contains", argTypes); // Invoke the method on the target passing the desired arguments Object[] arguments = newObject[] { arg }; Boolean result = Convert.ToBoolean(method.Invoke(target, arguments));
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The two attributes of interest to our discussion are LogicalFragmentation and AveragePageDensity . As I mentioned earlier, to treat both types of fragmentation you need to rebuild or reorganize the index. Rebuilding an index has the optimal defragmentation effect. The operation makes its best attempt to rebuild the index in the same physical order on disk as in the linked list and to make the pages as contiguous as possible. Also, remember that you can specify a fillfactor to introduce some free space in the index leaf pages. In SQL Server 2000, index rebuilds were offline operations. Rebuilding a clustered index acquired an exclusive lock for the whole duration of the operation, meaning that process can neither read nor write to the table. Rebuilding a nonclustered index acquired a shared lock, meaning that writes are blocked against the table, and obviously, the index can not be used during the operation. SQL Server 2005 introduces online index operations that allow you to create, rebuild, and drop indexes online. In addition, these operations allow users to interact with the data while the operation is in progress. Online index operations use the new row-versioning technology introduced in SQL Server 2005. When an index is rebuilt online, SQL Server actually maintains two indexes behind the scenes, and when the operation is done, the new one overrides the old one. As an example, the following code rebuilds the idx_cl_od index on the Orders table online: ALTER INDEX idx_cl_od ON dbo.Orders REBUILD WITH (ONLINE = ON);
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dt.Columns.Add(col); } reader.MoveToElement(); Before you load data rows into the table and populate the data grid, you must define the layout of the target DataTable object. To do that, you must scroll the attributes of one row typically the first row. You move to each of the attributes in the first row and create a DataColumn object with the same name as the attribute and specified as a string type. You then add the DataColumn object to the DataTable object and continue until you've added all the attributes. The MoveToElement call restores the focus to the CSV row element. // Loop through the rows and populate a DataTable do { DataRow row = dt.NewRow(); for(int i=0; i<reader.AttributeCount; i++) { row[i] = reader[i].ToString(); } dt.Rows.Add(row); } while (reader.Read()); reader.Close(); // Bind the table to the grid dataGrid1.DataSource = dt; Next you walk through the various data rows of the CSV file and create a new DataRow object for each. The row will then be filled in with the values of the attributes. Because the reader is already positioned in the first row when the loop begins, you must use a do while loop instead of the perhaps more natural while loop. At the end of the loop, you simply close the reader and bind the freshly created DataTable object to the DataGrid control for display. Figure 2-2 shows the output generated by the sample application when it uses the values in the first row of the CSV file as column names.
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Subnet 1 IP address: Subnet 1 DNS domain name:
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For some of your other queries, indexes on department numbers or birth dates could be useful. You can create as many indexes per table as you like. In summary, the performance of your SQL statements can often be improved significantly by creating indexes. Sometimes, it is obvious that an index will help, such as when your tables contain a lot of rows and your queries are very selective (only retrieving a few rows). On the other hand, though, you may find that your application benefits from an index on a single-row, single-column table. Indexes may speed up queries, but the other side of the index picture is the maintenance overhead. Every additional index slows down data manipulation further, because every INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE statement against a table must immediately be processed against all corresponding indexes to keep the indexes synchronized with the table. Also, indexes occupy additional space in your database. This means that you should carefully consider which columns should be indexed and which ones should not be indexed. These are some suggestions for index candidates: Foreign key columns Columns often used in WHERE clauses Columns often used in ORDER BY and GROUP BY clauses
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1 . In JavaScript, how do you reference an ASP.NET control added to a standard
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SELECT custid FROM Sales.Customers AS C WHERE NOT EXISTS (SELECT * FROM HR.Employees AS E WHERE country = N'IL' AND NOT EXISTS (SELECT * FROM Sales.Orders AS O WHERE O.custid = C.custid AND O.empid = E.empid));
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Your Windows Server 2003 Active Directory domain contains three Web servers that are used to host a frequently accessed intranet Web site. All three Web servers have identical content. They have static IP addresses,, and, respectively. You want employees to be able to access the intranet Web site with the single URL You create three host resource records in the forward lookup zone as follows: internal: internal: internal:
To get to the configuration webpage for your router, start from the Network And Sharing Center, as you would for a Windows Connect Now enabled router. 1. In the Tasks list, click Set Up A Connection Or Network. 2. In the Set Up A Connection Or Network wizard, select Set Up A Wireless Router Or Access Point and click Next. On the next page, click Next.
The connection must be made over public data networks, such as the public switched telephone network (PSTN). The endpoint of the connection must be identified by a phone number or other endpoint identifier.
Table 6-2 presents some of the most useful DNS performance counters. These counters allow you to determine how often a specified DNS server is queried and how often errors are generated.
Run the website. Refresh the webpage a few times to write more results to the trace log. In the Address bar of the browser, change the URL to access Trace.axd for the site. This will bring up the trace log. You should see an entry for each time you requested the page. Click one of the View Details links to open a record. Notice that the Trace Information section contains the timings for the events in the webpage life cycle. Close the web browser. Open Default.aspx in Visual Studio. Add the Trace="true" attribute to the @ Page directive at the top of the page. Run the site again; notice that the page now includes the trace information written out. Close the web browser.
SQL also offers three operators whose operands are conditions: the logical (or Boolean) operators. Table 2-7 lists these operators. Table 2-7. SQL Logical Operators
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Maintaining a Network Infrastructure
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