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Building and running this code produces the output shown in Figure 14-1 .
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When you open a feed in Internet Explorer, the browser applies a uniform style sheet to the page, and you see the feed s contents in the browser window, as shown in Figure 6-15.
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Figure 18-10 The storyboard displays a thumbnail of each ideo clip in your project. Transitions appear in the small rectangles, and effects are marked by a blue star.
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Byte b = 100; b = (Byte) (b + 200);
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If you use Results to Grid option in SSMS, then the XML data is shown in the table as a hyperlink . SSMS can properly parse and represent XML data . If you click the hyperlink in the row having id 1, you get the XML data in a new window . Here s a small snippet of what you get:
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Table 16-1. The Kinds of Loops Language Visual Basic Kind of Loop For-Next While-Wend Do-Loop-While For-Each C, C++, C#, Java for while do-while foreach* Flexibility rigid flexible flexible rigid flexible flexible flexible rigid Test Location beginning beginning beginning or end beginning beginning beginning end beginning
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My recommendation always is to avoid writing code that blocks any threads . When performing asynchronous compute or I/O operations, hand the data off from thread to thread in such a way to avoid the chance that multiple threads could access the data simultaneously . I demonstrated this with the pipe server and client code shown in 27, I/O-Bound Asynchronous Operations . If you are unable to fully accomplish this, then try to use the VolatileRead, VolatileWrite, and Interlocked methods because they are fast and they also never block a thread . Unfortunately, these methods manipulate only simple types, but you can perform rich operations on these types as described in the The Interlocked Anything Pattern section . There are two main reasons why you would consider blocking threads:
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Before you start to code, the first step is to get some test data that your analyzer can process. The first chapter of Oliver Twist is an ideal piece of text to use, as it s copyright free and easy to obtain. It s also of a reasonable length. You can find the text at
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// Using a reference to an IRestaurant, IRestaurant s GetMenu // method is the ONLY method that can be called. menu = ((IRestaurant) gp).GetMenu(); }
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Table 9-45. Subtree of a Given Root
public class Lazy<T> { public Lazy(Func<T> valueFactory, LazyThreadSafetyMode mode); public Boolean IsValueCreated { get; } public T Value { get; } }
What, For Whom, How, and With What
UInt16, UInt32, Int32, UInt64, Int64, Single, Double Char, UInt16, Int16, UInt32, Int32, UInt64, Int64, Single, Double Int16, Int32, Int64, Single, Double UInt32, Int32, UInt64, Int64, Single, Double Int32, Int64, Single, Double UInt64, Int64, Single, Double Int64, Single, Double Single, Double Single, Double Double
DROP TABLE dbo.MonthlyOrders;
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