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Draw QR-Code in .NET Part IV

treated differently, depending on the previous events in the stream. When you create a gesture recognizer, you also can subclass QGesture to provide a custom gesture instance that has gesture-specific parameters, such as acceleration or a vector of gesture movement. For more information on writing a gesture recognizer, see Qt s documentation about the gesture framework at
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<% for (int i = 0; i < this.Model.ContentModel.QuestionAnswersSummaries.Count; i++ ) { %> <li> <%: Html.DisplayFor(m => m.ContentModel .QuestionAnswersSummaries[i], "Summary-" + TailSpin.Web.Survey.Public.Utility .QuestionTemplateFactory.Create (Model.ContentModel.QuestionAnswersSummaries[i] .QuestionType))%> </li> <% } %> scan barcode
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24 Runtime Serialization
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Ruby is often called a reflective language, as it supports reflection. Reflection is a process that allows a computer program to observe and modify its own structure and behavior during execution. This functionality can seem like a novelty to developers experienced with C, C++, and Perl, but it s incredibly important in terms of Ruby s operation and Ruby s ability to define domain-specific languages, making other forms of development easier.
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Part I Fundamentals
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In this example, the Timer is set to fire every five seconds. When it does, the Timer control s Tick event is raised on the server and the content of the UpdatePanel is refreshed. In this case, the Tick event simply cycles images to be displayed to the user. When you use a Timer with an UpdatePanel, the Timer starts again after the page has completed its postback to the server. A Timer can also be used outside of an UpdatePanel control. As with UpdatePanel, the Timer control requires the ScriptManager control. In this way, you can use the Timer control to update more than one UpdatePanel on the page or the entire page itself. To associate a Timer control that is outside an UpdatePanel to an UpdatePanel on the page, you use a trigger, as discussed earlier. Note that in the scenario in which the trigger is outside an UpdatePanel, the timed interval resets as soon as it fires. It does not wait for the postback to complete. This can provide more exact timing of intervals. However, if a postback is still processing when the Timer fires, the first postback is canceled.
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Merging Multiple Data Sources
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Even though the practical use of controls will not be discussed until 7, their selection and positioning applies to both theoretical and fundamental questions that have far-reaching consequences for composition strategies . As a result, let s take a moment to address some of the relevant design standards .
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Java Example of an Array Multiplication
FIGURE 23-22 The Windows Update dialog box
For more information on Office SharePoint Server 2007, go to /preview/servers/sharepointserver/highlights.mspx.
This statement deletes all orders for which another order can be found with the same OrderID and a higher KeyCol. If you think about it, you will end up with one row for each OrderIDthe one with the highest KeyCol. This technique runs for 14 seconds on my system, including adding the identity column and creating the index. One advantage this technique has over the previous DISTINCT technique is that you rely only on the attributes that determine duplicates (OrderID) and the surrogate key (KeyCol). It works even when other attributes among the redundant rows with the same OrderID value are not equal. However, this technique can be very slow when there's a high density of duplicates. To optimize the solution in a high-density scenario, you can use similar logic to the last solution; that is, keep rows with the maximum KeyCol per OrderID. But insert those unique rows into a new table using a SELECT INTO statement. You can then get rid of the original table; rename the new table to the original table name; and re-create all indexes, constraints, and triggers. Here's the code that applies this approach, which ran for 2 seconds on my system in total: ALTER TABLE dbo.OrdersDups ADD KeyCol INT NOT NULL IDENTITY; CREATE UNIQUE INDEX idx_OrderID_KeyCol ON dbo.OrdersDups(OrderID, KeyCol); GO SELECT O.OrderID, CustomerID, EmployeeID, OrderDate, RequiredDate, ShippedDate, ShipVia, Freight, ShipName, ShipAddress, ShipCity, ShipRegion, ShipPostalCode, ShipCountry INTO dbo.OrdersTmp FROM dbo.OrdersDups AS O JOIN (SELECT OrderID, MAX(KeyCol) AS mx FROM dbo.OrdersDups GROUP BY OrderID) AS U ON O.OrderID = O.OrderID AND O.KeyCol =; DROP TABLE dbo.OrdersDups; EXEC sp_rename 'dbo.OrdersTmp', 'OrdersDups'; -- Recreate constraints, indexes
Part II Designing Types
Field declarations have the following syntax: [ attributes ] [ modifiers ] type identifier = value; A field can be declared with any reference or value type. As with Java, it's possible to declare more than one field per declaration. Each field will have the same type and accessibility. For example:
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