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Creating a cover page is as simple as point, click, and edit.
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The McCabe measure of complexity isn t the only sound measure, but it s the measure most discussed in computing literature, and it s especially helpful when you re thinking about control flow. Other measures include the amount of data used, the number of nesting levels in control constructs, the number of lines of code, the number of lines between successive references to variables ( span ), the number of lines that a variable is in use ( live time ), and the amount of input and output. Some researchers have developed composite metrics based on combinations of these simpler ones.
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IEEE Std 730-2002, Standard for Software Quality Assurance Plans IEEE Std 1028-1997, Standard for Software Reviews IEEE Std 1008-1987 (R1993), Standard for Software Unit Testing IEEE Std 829-1998, Standard for Software Test Documentation IEEE Std 1061-1998, Standard for a Software Quality Metrics Methodology
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New Features in Windows Server 2008 for AD LDS
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Any process that knows the name of the instance can share a named Mutex. Choose names that are project specific. Be aware that other programmers may attempt to acquire the lock for reasons that were not intended, leading to deadlocks.
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Entity type Forms
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Retrieving Data and Interacting with Web Services
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Improved Control over Build Deletion
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CHAPTER 4: Beginning Qt Development
We then call the Version task, passing in the path to the le and specifying what algorithms we want to use to increment the build and revision elds of the version number. In this case we re going to simply increment the build eld and leave the revision eld at zero. The documentation that comes with MSBuild Community Tasks details the other available algorithms. The Version task has an output parameter for each eld of the version number so we store those outputs in appropriately named properties. We then ful ll the contract for the BuildNumberOverrideTarget by creating a property called BuildNumber and set its value to the build de nition s name, an underscore, and the version number. We pre x the version number with the build de nition s name so that each build number is unique across the Team Project, not just the build de nition, and since we may have two products in the Team Project with the same version number, the build de nition name pre x ensures uniqueness. Team Build only requires the build number to be unique within a build de nition, but it is recommended that build numbers are unique across the Team Project to make builds easier to identify. We also create a property called AssemblyVersion and a property called AssemblyFileVersion, which we ll use to create the new AssemblyInfo les. We could either put this logic in AfterGet or BeforeCompile but I m going to use AfterGet because it isn t executed for desktop builds, so we can avoid allocating build numbers unnecessarily. The resulting target would look like this:
Workflow Process Templates
The third panel displays a preview of the selected template, as well as a Customize box and an Options box. Customize enables you to choose the colors and fonts for your publication, as well as enter information about your business that can be used in multiple publications. Tip
Monitoring Network Protocol Security 11-69
This feature had the code names Snapshot Viewer and Active Directory Data Mining Tool during product development. You may still see those names in some documentation.
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