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Java Example of a Helpful, Commented else Clause
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F r e d ...many lines skipped for brevity... , 3 8 Here s how to read an I/O stream line by line using gets:"text.txt") do |f| 2.times { puts f.gets } end
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Print "Buoy Temperature Message" Read a floating-point value Print "Average Temperature" Print the floating-point value Read a floating-point value Print "Temperature Range"
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Click Add Required Role Services to continue and return to the Select Role Services page or click Cancel if you want to change your Role Services selection. Click Next to open the next page in the Add Roles Wizard. From here to the end of the wizard, the speci c pages will vary depending on what Roles and Role Services you ve selected.
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The thinking here is that a reference to NewMail is copied into a temporary variable, temp, which refers to the chain of delegates at the moment the assignment is performed . Now, this method compares temp and null and invokes temp, so it doesn t matter if another thread changes NewMail after the assignment to temp . Remember that delegates are immutable and this is why this technique works in theory . However, what a lot of developers don t realize is that this code could be optimized by the compiler to remove the local temp variable entirely . If this happens, this version of the code is identical to the first version, so a NullReferenceException is still possible . To really fix this code, you should rewrite OnNewMail like this:
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8 . . In the main Security tab, click the Create User link and add some users . You can assign them to roles now if you wish .
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All of the basic types used by every application Types for communicating with a database and processing data Types for doing stream I/O and walking directories and files
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14: XML on the Client
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A new feature as of Silverlight 3 is the ability to place your style definitions in external files called Merged Resource Dictionaries. As I have discussed in this chapter, you can define styles at the document or application level. If defining in the application level, your styles must be placed in the App.xaml file. This can result in a very large App.xaml. In Silverlight 3, you can now place your style definitions in external files and simply reference them in your application. An additional benefit from this change is that you can now create styles that can be easily reused between your applications, by simply copying the style resource files to your new solution. An example of using Merged Resource Dictionaries is seen the following code. You can add a Resource Dictionary to a Silverlight application in Visual Studio by right-clicking on your project in the Solution Explorer and selecting Add New Item. On the Add New Item screen select the template named Silverlight Resource Dictionary and enter a name for the dictionary as shown in Figure 10-21.
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Lesson Review . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4-24
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Sketching literally puts you in a different frame of mind, especially if you spend most of your day working with words and numbers. If sketching is completely new to you, you might nd it dif cult at rst, and the prospect of sketching your entire storyboard, as shown in Figure 7-1, might be daunting. But just take it one slide at a time this chapter guides you through the sketching process and shows you a range of speci c sketches that you can draw on any one of your slides or across several of them. The sketches in this
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