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Figure 4-13. Rename the web address of the view to remove extra spaces. This saves characters and makes the path easier to read.
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To cache an object for a set amount of time, pass the absoluteExpiration parameter to the Cache.Insert method. This parameter sets a time in the future at which your data should expire. The DateTime.Now object has a variety of methods for adding a specific number of minutes to the current time. The following example demonstrates this.
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Due to the problem shown above, the overload of Monitor s Enter method used above is now discouraged, and it is recommended that you rewrite the above code as follows:
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First, use the Netsh aaaa show config >filename.txt command to dump the complete IAS server configuration into a script file. Then you can install the configuration included in this script file onto a particular IAS server by running the Netsh exec [path]\filename.txt command on the target server computer.
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You get the following error:
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The task at hand is to calculate for each order that order s percentage of total value and the difference between the order value and the average value for all orders. The intuitive way for programmers to write calculations between row attributes and aggregates over rows is to use subqueries. The query in Listing 7-1 demonstrates the subquery approach.
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Not all services allow you to change their status. Some prevent stopping and starting altogether, whereas others permit stopping and starting but not pausing and resuming. Some services allow these permissions to only certain users or groups. For example, most services allow only members of the Power Users and Administrators groups to start or stop them. Which status changes are allowed and who has permission to make them are controlled by each service s discretionary access control list (DACL), which is established when the service is created on a computer. To change a service s status, select it in the Services console. Then click the appropriate link in the area to the left of the service list (if you re using the Extended view and the link you need appears there). Alternatively, you can use the VCR-style controls in the toolbar, or right-click and choose the corresponding command.
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Visual Basic Example of Nicely Documented Variable Declarations
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Part IV: Advanced Topics
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Figure 5-1: Graphical representation of an XML DOM tree. The XmlDocument class represents the entry point in the binary structure and the central console that lets you move through nodes, reading and writing contents. Each 170
16. Database Connectivity
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Open TS RemoteApp Manager if it isn t already open (remoteprograms.msc). Select Add RemoteApp Programs from the Actions menu to open the RemoteApp Wizard. Click Next to open the Choose Programs To Add To The RemoteApp Programs List page. Scroll down near the bottom and select Windows Mail from the list, as shown in Figure 25-24.
Best Practice When choosing a primary key for a new table, especially if you know that the table will be used in an object-oriented system by an ORM tool, use surrogate primary keys whenever possible. Surrogate primary keys are small, simple keys that have no business meaning and are normally not updated or even seen by end users. They provide an audit trail, result in small indexes, make joins easier to write and faster to execute, are more resilient to business changes (because they have no business meaning), and make referential integrity easier to maintain. An example of dangerous business-key usage as a primary key would be using telephone numbers as account identifiers. Because telephone numbers can and do change, maintenance or some sort of mapping would be required when a customer s telephone number changes, even worst in my opinion is the use of composite business/natural primary keys in which many such fields are used in combination as a primary key. The problem is that those fields are normally non-nullable, so there is no easy way (without doing a SELECT to check the row s existence) to determine if the object is already in the database.
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Run-time errors are defined in the RuntimeErrorEventArgs object. This object also contains a number of properties: The charPosition property identifies the character position where the error occurred. The lineNumber property identifies the line in which the error occurred. The methodName identifies the method associated with the error.
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